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How much will that drive cost?

Considering all of the recent talk about rising gas prices and getting from point A to point B, especially after this weekend’s panic, we thought you’d want to check out this page. This results page gives details about driving from Birmingham to Salem, OR, but the site allows you to see just how much gas (and money) it would take for you to get pretty much anywhere you’re headed. It could come in handy, especially when the holiday season starts up.

Gas prices update

With approximately 25% of the country’s oil refineries located along or near the path of Hurricane Ike, these rising prices may be around for a few days. We’re seeing several reports following the early ones we mentioned earlier today

We’ve just heard via Twitter that gas in Bluff Park is at $4.49/gallon. If you could put gas prices that you see during your evening commute in our comments section, we’d appreciate it (as well as everybody else who visits The Hub).

UPDATE: Gas prices rising

UPDATE: 5 p.m. – Share gas prices on with The Hub – right here

We’d post links, but we’re all aware of the rising gas prices across the country in general and here in Birmingham in particular. We started hearing the rumors yesterday on both Facebook and Twitter and the long lines reported by folks (including James Spann via Twitter) says that as one person put it “the Chicken Littles are having their day today.”

Which leads us to today’s Magic City Question, appropriately posted after all of you have gotten back from lunch… We’ll look forward to your answers (over there that is).