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A new circulator for downtown Birmingham?

breeze-busThat’s what the topic will be at tomorrow’s Operation New Birmingham breakfast briefing, particularly why it would make sense to get on these new buses, the Breeze circulators. Charles Ball, executive director of the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham plans to be available to answer questions about the current status of the three year old In Town Transit Partnership and about how the downtown circulator would serve as the basis of a rethinking of the region’s transit system. You’ll be able to see portions of the presentation on the ITP website beginning late tomorrow morning.

It was also the last topic of conversation during last night’s first #bhamchat; the recap’s up over on my Birmingham.

The big news comes tomorrow

That big news we promised you on Friday that would take place today? Due to circumstances beyound our control, it can’t be announced until tomorrow morning. Yes, we’re sorry we can’t share yet, but those of us that know what it is think that you’ll find it worth the wait.

Now that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t help us out a little early by giving some real consideration to answering today’s Magic City Question. Those answers will come in handy…