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City council honor Witherspoon, Miglionico

This morning during Mayor Langford’s comments to the Birmingham City Council in council chambers, he asked for two of the city’s upcoming capital projects to be named for two women who had served the city on the council. It took the Birmingham City Council less than 3 minutes to unanimously approve resolutions for both naming opportunities.

They approved naming the planned Five Points West athletic facility slated for Fair Park in honor of Miriam Witherspoon, the council president pro-tempore who passed away unexpectedly last week, and the intermodal transit facility for Nina Miglionico, the first woman ever elected to serve on the Council. Langford then reported that Miglionico is currently in the hospital. Miglionico’s name had been suggested before, in 1999, but it was withdrawn and never voted upon.

Birmingham’s shovel ready!

I’ll admit I didn’t know what that term meant . until a recent consulting trip out to Colorado (and based on this, I may never get a chance to know). Now, it’s become one of the most popular terms associated with our national economic crisis. Now, Stimulus Watch you can track the progress of the $69 million dollars worth of projects that the city submitted for federal funding

We thought you’d like that ability. Go ahead and share your votes and thoughts on the individual items. The website’s homepage provides more information about how you can do just that as well as why it exists.