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How big is the oil spill? You don’t want to know…

Gulf Coast oil spill mapThat’s the question that the folks at Google decided to help people figure out. The image to your left is a screen capture from Paul Rademacher’s website and shows the spill in relation to the size of Birmingham and Central Alabama.

Rademacher’s site currently contains a Google Earth embed using the application’s API that lets you see how the oil spill compares to several major U.S. cities. Here’s a link to a screen capture of the oil spill in relation to Chicago, IL and Lake Michigan. He’s the engineering manager for Google Maps’ front end.

Visiting the site will also let you compare the size of the Deepwater oil spill to any city and points you to where you can download the data to show it in your own install of Google Earth.

UPDATE: Additional images – one showing the spill area in relation to Atlanta and Montgomery and another one showing the capture from when you first enter Birmingham, AL into the interface.

Image: Screen capture from http://paulrademacher.com/

Birmingham’s shovel ready!

I’ll admit I didn’t know what that term meant . until a recent consulting trip out to Colorado (and based on this, I may never get a chance to know). Now, it’s become one of the most popular terms associated with our national economic crisis. Now, Stimulus Watch you can track the progress of the $69 million dollars worth of projects that the city submitted for federal funding

We thought you’d like that ability. Go ahead and share your votes and thoughts on the individual items. The website’s homepage provides more information about how you can do just that as well as why it exists.