Come out to The Bottletree tonight!

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bldglogoNo, I have not been screaming from the top of the City Federal building asking you to come out to The Bottletree tonight for our fairly mellow celebration of this site’s two years of existence (though that does give me an idea for next year).

Hopefully the weather won’t be too bad this evening and the basketball games on the screens should keep your attention if the announcement I’ll be making doesn’t…

See, now don’t you just want to come because of that last sentence alone? The radio silence can be blamed partially on tonight’s announcement as well, but not entirely. The fun’s starting around 5 p.m., there will be some white Terminal Ts given away to some of the lucky attendees (we’ll have a few for sale as well).

If you can come out, great; if not, pass this evite link along to a friend.

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