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We’re about to turn 5, so it’s time for more pie!

Terminal bday logoWe don’t often get a chance to let the hub wear its party hat, but we’re turning five on Wednesday!

What do you do to celebrate? You announce the return of #piecampbhm, of course!

We’re happy that the folks at Good People Brewing Company are willing to let us bring our pies into the taproom that evening (plus, starting today it’s staying open until 10 p.m.). The registration form’s up so please let us know if you’re able to come out (so we can be ready).

As we did last year, we’re asking folks that can’t attend (or who don’t want to bake a pie) to make a donation to the Birmingham Education Foundation & to help spread the word.

Happy Pi Day!

We promised some of our readers that we’d be sure to share at least one music lesson today.

UPDATE: Apparently Lars Erickson decided he’d file a copyright claim against the video we originally shared – so we’re going to share his video instead. We’ll let you know what happens next as soon as possible.

We were a little worried about finding the right one, but think we have. Special thanks to Stephen Vinson and Laughing Squid for making sure we were aware of it. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to escape musically for a few minutes.

Thanks also for your support of this site over the last four years. Hopefully some of you will be able to make it out tonight for #piecampbhm. If not, there will hopefully be more than enough opportunities to talk over the next twelve months.

Image: Pi. NicoCanali/Flickr

Time for Pi (and celebration)

Pi pieMonday marks four years since this crazy digital outpost launched. It’s also Pi Day (as well as the 124th anniversary for The Birmingham News ). We haven’t held a formal party for the occasion since 2008, so we’re probably overdue.

Enter Birmingham’s first ever pie mixer – #piecampbhm.

Registration opened about 10 minutes ago for Monday’s get together. We’re grateful for Ted’s Restaurant for being willing to open up for us on Monday evening (3.14 – beginning at 6 p.m.) and for the conversation that’s got us doing it.

If you want to know a little more about the method behind the event, there’s a post up over on Dear Birmingham right now.

Photo: Pi Pie. pauladamsmith/Flickr.