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A Wrecking Ball to rumors of rock’s demise

09.16.2008 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

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Yes, Dead Confederate has made several appearances here in Birmingham in recent memory. Hell, they’re scheduled to be in town as part of their tour supporting their new album, Wrecking Ball, on September 24 at The Bottletree. The Magic City’s own Scott Register has had a lot of fun exposing us to them on his weekly radio program. Christina plugged their November 2007 appearance (after their apperance at City Stages 19 earlier in the year) at The Nick as a Got Plans? destination. Folks here seem to love the Georgia-based rock band, and getting a chance to listen to the new release just before today’s official release, they’re about to get a lot more people interested in them.

The CD (and LP if you can find it) Wrecking Ball definitely has a haunting sound to it, slower than what some would want, but much befitting the name of the band. The 10 tracks take you through a great deal of the rock spectrum, though it seems to be taking you on a journey, which is something I’ve always thought music was supposed to do anyway. While folks would not consider them “traditional” Southern Rock if you listened to the beginning of the album only, tracks like Start Me Laughing and The News Underneath definitely provide hints of where Dead Confederate’s from.

I enjoyed the entire experience, especially considering that many of the CDs I listen to are not successful in getting me into another place so I can concentrate. The album’s title track is my favorite as I tend to love songs that take you to a climatic point and then actually deliver. It may sound cheesy, but I can see myself (when gas prices go back down, or I start making money) sliding this CD into the car and enjoying a nice long drive as I losing myself in the band’s 10 tracks, produced by Mike McCarthy (Spoon). You can see if I’m crazy or not about my pick – Spin Magazine‘s band profile includes a video of them performing the song acoustically at Bonnaroo – while not as powerful as the studio version, it’s a great performance and something that just might get you to take a moment and enjoy it for what it is – great music. For the time being, it may just be a download on to the iPod so I can listen while walking and running around.

According to the press kit, members Hardy Morris (vocals/guitar), Brantley Senn (bass), Walker Howie (guitar), John Watkins (keyboard) and Jason Scarboro (drums) currently hold jobs doing everything from catering to construction. I’ve got a feeling they probably won’t have to keep them for much longer. Hopefully you’ll take a moment and check them out at Bottletree next week. Or buy the album.

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