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Got plans this weekend? 11.16 – 11.18

11.16.2007 by AndrĂ© Natta · → 1 Comment

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I suggest you start the weekend off at The Nick (Rocks). Should be a good show tonight. I caught Dead Confederate at last year’s City Stages and though I hadn’t heard of them before, I liked what a heard. Reg of Reg’s Coffeehouse likes them so much, he stepped out of the booth to support the guys. Show is on paper to start at 10 p.m. but we know how that goes. Just plan on staying up really, really late. The Nick didn’t share a cost on their Web site so I can’t tell you either.

If you read this every Friday, you’re the best. Besides that, you’re starting to figure out that I really like telling you about The Bottletree. Them nice folks have been in business a year and have a great party planned Saturday to celebrate. The best part for me and the folks at my house, is that the first half of the party is a kid-friendly fall carnival with games. Second half will have some great music by The Hold Steady and Art Brut starting around 8.

Just like in years past here in the South, it has just now gotten cold. Right when I suggest you spend all night outdoors staring at the sky. Not because I’ve lost my mind, but because now is the best time to catch the Leonid meteor shower. So before you head home from your Saturday night activities, I suggest you head to Krispy Kreme, pick up some nice hot donuts and coffee, and find a nice SAFE dark spot to watch this free entertainment from the heavens.

P.S. Makes a great date, trust me. Here’s more info from the folks at Earth & Sky.

The Magic City is a big place so there’s lots happening around here. What are your plans? Tell us.

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