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New hope for independent film fans in Birmingham

It’s only been two weeks since the annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival took place in downtown Birmingham, AL. It appears that some are preparing to take advantage of momentum from projects like Railroad Park to provide a year-round venue for locals to enjoy independent film in the immediate metropolitan area while a new movie theater on the city’s east side has recently pledged to fill that need, at least partially.

A Facebook group appeared shortly after the festival, inviting people to become fans to help build support and interest in a new art house theater. Birmingham Indie Film Supporters appears to be loosely affiliated with the film festival’s parent organization, the Alabama Moving Image Association.

It’s interesting to note that in the midst of this recent wave of Facebook activism, Birmingham’s newest independently owned cinema complex, The Edge 12 located in Eastwood, told reporters for CBS 42 in August that they were planning to dedicate two screens to independent, non-commercial films.

BhamArchitect reports that one of the two screens is currently showing 2009’s The Girl Who Played With Fire, keeping in line with CrestwoodNorth’s tweet that only half of the screens were currently being used.

Music and movies over on Timetable

There are many of you that probably wonder just what does that stationmaster do when he’s sitting there editing posts? Well, even if you don’t, I’m going to tell you anyway – I’m normally drowning out the sounds of the outside (except for the trains that run by our current headquarters) with a fairly eclectic collection of music. This addiction of sorts has picked up steam since running The Terminal has led to a growing collection of CDs that need to be shared with everyone else. That includes the new album by Dead Confederate (released today) that you’ll actually see me attempt to review as soon as you head over to Timetable

You’ll also get a chance to hit the previous post button and check out Whitney’s recent chat with Crewless Productions’ Chance Shirley. So even though it’s a gorgeous day out there, take a few minutes and hop on over there.

See, a music and movie fix over there…

A look back: January 14


Brook Highland Cinema closed.

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