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Why was Whitney Duncan in town yesterday?

Whitney Duncan - Bob Farley/f8Photo Find out why the former Nashville Star contestant was in town over on Timetable – or just click on the image to your left and check out the images from the video shoot last night.

Bob Farley/f8Photo

Time to get ready for the weekend…

Can it be? The weekend already? Where does the time go? That’s a very interesting question and it seems to have many answers. Google the phrase and you get 353,000,000 search results. While you pass the time pondering that, I’ve got suggestions on how you can spend your weekend over on Timetable.

It’s not like we’ll melt this weekend…

Looks like we may get some weather this weekend. Well, I won’t melt, and I’m guessing you won’t either so head on over to Timetable for my suggestions, rain or shine.

Shopping’s on tap for the weekend

Let’s see what I’ve got for you this weekend … shopping. That’s right, just some good shopping for art and shopping for good bargains. And some music for a cause, actually two causes. Grab your checkbook and head on over on Timetable to read more.

Music and festivals on tap for the weekend

Sam and Christina have pretty much figured out how they’re spending the weekend. While we’re still about a couple of weeks away from the music festival season starting in Birmingham, they’ve figured out a good way to do both before hand. Sam’s got some musical picks starting tonight while Christina’s suggestions for activities start tomorrow. Check out their suggestions and then share your own

We did promise Art on the Rocks info

Art on the Rocks 2007 logoArt on the Rocks starts next month at the Birmingham Museum of Art (May 16 to be exact).

So we figured that we’d provide some links, some images, some music and some info to get you feeling anxious for it to finally get here. Head on over to Timetable and check it out.
We hope you like it.

Free is good!

Rising costs for basic amenities is making it really hard to figure out what to do for fun. So Charles decided to suggest a few FREE options for us in theĀ  current installment of In Love With over on Timetable.

FYI – tomorrow we’ll see if we can’t take a closer look at this year’s installment of Art on the Rocks at the Museum…