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got plans 2.0 | 4.10-4.12

04.10.2009 by André Natta · → Leave a comment

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Easter Egg. Svadilfari/FlickrI guess you could call this the Easter edition of got plans; that is if the Terminal did holiday editions of weekly posts, which I don’t think it does. To be honest I almost didn’t write one for this weekend with it being Easter and all.

A part of me figured that the most important thing our beleaguered post-modern generation could do this weekend would be finding our way to a church. Realizing that I wasn’t overburdened with guilt from my transgressions (but rather tormented by the hopes and expectations of the future), I came to my senses and felt that those who read my post might be carrying the same cross. Thus, I decided that like me others need the distraction that comes from a pre-packaged Terminal-approved Birmingham weekend.

The fun starts after the jump…

The Extemporaneous Theatre Company presents the Totally Illin’ improv show at the Birmingham Festival Theatre tonight. So, if laughing at yourself has lost its charm, head over to the Festival Theatre later or tomorrow at 8 p.m. where $15 will get you in at the door.

As far as music goes I’ll start this weekend off with a more quintessential Birmingham venue. If you stop by Zydeco I think you’ll consider yourself lucky when the Rebirth Brass Band takes the stage tonight, likewise the Saturday night Hightide Blues show shouldn’t disappoint.

If you’re dependent on coffee to the point that it’s the only that makes you feel alive I suggest you skip this paragraph. Now if you have a healthy relationship with your coffee cup head over to o kafés! tomorrow and get a good case of the shakes at their coffee-roasting demo. It starts at 8 in the a.m. and it’s free. Then to stave off the impending coffee DTs take the drive to Primavera for their 2 p.m. coffee tasting.

All that coffee should have you in prime condition for some shows later that night. At Bottletree you’ll find The Life and Times with locals Mt. St. Mtn. If you decide Workplay is more your speed you won’t be disappointed by The Blue Cut Robbery, Arkadelphia, and Joshua Fletcher.

Since Sunday is Easter I’m going to leave it open.

Photo: Easter Egg. Svadilfari/Flickr

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