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More new restaurants open on 280

04.15.2009 by Andr√© Natta · → Leave a comment

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Bogue's RestaurantAs far as we can tell, Birmingham’s restaurant industry has chosen not to participate in the current recession.¬†Two weeks ago we told you about the new Tilted Kilt pub opening in the old Copeland’s building; now I’ve noticed a few more restaurants opening including the opening of a new Bogue’s Restaurant along Hwy 280, joining locations on Clairmont Avenue and Oxmoor Road.

Bogue’s is one of Birmingham’s oldest restaurants and is known for its great meat and veggie-style comfort food. The new location on Hwy. 280 next to Chipotle Grill in Inverness.

Saigon Noodle HouseThe other new opening is the Saigon Noodle House that recently opened in the Best Buy/World Market shopping center on 280. I hope these guys aren’t hit with the curse of that particular leasing space, because it looks promising! Three restaurants that have occupied that space have closed down in the past few years.

I spite of the recent recession, we continue to see 2-hour waits, packed parking lots, and new restaurants popping up all over Birmingham. Have you had a recent restaurant experience (good or bad) that you want to talk about?

Photos: Josh Self /Flickr

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