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Don’t worry if you didn’t get into the sold out Band of Horses show on Wednesday (like me), because there is plenty more where they came from , and a couple of other places too. I’ll stop blathering now and get to it.

Thursday 2/7    
The Fiery Furnaces @ Bottletree
Admission: $14   Go Time: 9:00 p.m.
The Fiery Furnaces   At the center of The Fiery Furnaces are Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger, a brother and sister insaniteam with a bubbling laboratory full of tunes that careen from hooky pop to noisescape and beyond. It’s weird to have songs that have mind-numbing moments of obtuse sample layering stuck in your head. Frequently it sounds like they are singing backwards, which is all well and good when done with computers, but it’ll be fun to see them pull it off live.
Lonesome Spirit Device   Lonesome Spirit Device is an appropriate name for a band whose music would sound at home playing softly during a seance. Not the scary part where everyone freaks out ’cause the pipes started clanging right when you asked if the spirits in the room were angry. I’m talking about right before that, where slowly everyone manages to creep themselves out, despite the fact that no one in the room really believes in ghosts.
Honorable Mention:   Belleville Outfit @ The Nick
    Yonder Mountain String Band @ Workplay
Friday 2/8    
The White Oaks / Matthew Mayfield @ Workplay
Admission: $10   Go Time: 9 p.m.
The White Oaks   The White Oaks have had a rapid succession of performances here in recent months, playing the best venues. Somebody out there has figured out that these folks are a good show in the making. They’ve got a grab bag of feel-good rock, traipsing mandolin lines, and jazz tinged upbeat numbers. Plenty of sonic changes for your palate is what I’m trying to say here. Little chance of utter boredom.
Matthew Mayfield   Fresh off the break-up of his band Moses Mayfield, Matthew Mayfield is back on Birmingham stages touting some new wares of his own. It’s great stuff, memorable and resonant. It’s difficult to tell if some of the songs are about the band or some romantic attachment, but this is definitely break-up music. But it’s good break-up music! Ahh, the upside of being a songwriter is that every blow you take can be crystallized into music so that you can share it with everyone else in the world. That way it’s not so lonely when you suffer.
Honorable Mention :   The Dollyrots @ The Nick
Saturday 2/9    
Benjy Davis Project @ Zydeco
Admission: $8   Zero Hour: 10 p.m.
Benji Davis Project   I know it’s some weird damage on my part, but every time I see a band with someone’s name followed by the word “project”, I immediately become wary. I’m sorry, but it just screams “indulgent side project” to me. Thankfully, that is not the case with Benjy Davis Project. Instead you get solid stuff that’s good to get down to. Let the head bopping commence!

Got you salivating did I? Well then, I’ll see you out and about. Until then, be well and stay healthy.

This post was written by Sam George and brought to you by r3vrb.com and sea urchins.

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