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Got plans this weekend? 10.31 – 11.2

10.31.2008 by André Natta · → 3 Comments

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Sad to say, my plans include telling you good folks bye-bye. This is your last “Got plans?” column from yours truly. And it’s not going to be a very good one – in the next 30 minutes I’ve got to finish hemming my son’s costume, go buy a fruit tray for his classroom Halloween party and figure out how to make tissue-paper ghosts, my craft contribution to the party. Yep, my time management skills are out of control. Something had to go so this will be short and sweet.

In fact, you’re busy too so let’s do this in 10 sentences max. Tonight, have a safe and happy Halloween. If you’re out driving, keep an eye out for the little ones. Tomorrow, get up early for the 33rd Annual Vulcan Run. Then head over to the Moss Rock Festival in Hoover, park at Regions Park for a ride. If you miss the festival Saturday, it’s still going Sunday. Also Sunday, it’s the 6th annual Day of the Dead Festival at Bare Hands Gallery, 109 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. South. They just ask for a $10 donation and in return you get a whole lot of fun — music, food, kids’ crafts, art, a chance to be in the procession. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the good time people have at this celebration. Starts at 1, ends out the day around 10ish with a performance by Flaco Jimene with his Tex-Mex band. Whew!

As always, please share the events you know about in the comments section. If you would like to take over this column, I’m sure André would love to talk to you. I close with a shout out to my two best readers, CJ and Laura.

See you around town …

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Awwww, how sweet are you?! Thanks for the shout out! I'm sad to see you going, but totally understand the need for balance. Sometimes, something just HAS to go. My plans for the weekend are actually taking me to Atlanta--Florida State vs. Georgia Tech! But other football fans should head down to Tuscaloosa for homecoming (ROLL TIDE!). NEXT weekend, however, will be a glorious weekend in Birmingham.


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