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All kinds of stuff going on…

We were just a little quiet today over here, save for the “deluge” of information shared in the last hour or so. It would be a shame if you didn’t head on over to Timetable as well and check out Jason’s picks for the weekend, including a chance to support someone who’s supported us a lot at Bare Hands Gallery and Josh’s info on the restaurant that’s taking over the former Copeland’s space down there on 280.

Enjoy the ride! And we will have a little more information later on this evening.

Got Plans? returns!

jasonpostFor the better part of two months I’ve been promising a return of our most popular column, Got Plans? When Christina signed off in October, we had a lot of folks wondering what we were going to do next. Some have even been going back and rereading old entries just to get their fix for the week. Enter Jason Donaldson (hint, he’s the guy to the left of all of this text).

Today Jason, The Terminal’s newest staff member, sets out to take Got Plans in a different direction and he’s looking for your suggestions as well. Allow Mr. Donaldson to introduce himself to you this morning, and reintroduce you to Got Plans.