UPDATE: The City Stages ’09 campaign is… you!

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UPDATE #2: Remember that manifesto I talked about… we’ve got it! Scroll down and click on the link to read:

UPDATE: The reveal is definitely interesting:


The campaign is centered on us – Birmingham that is.

This year’s effort to make people aware of the festival as it comes of age involves sharing what City Stages means to those that attend it. Dan Monroe of Cayenne Creative explained the concept to a full WorkPlay Theatre this evening.

As people entered the event, they were asked to write down either what City Stages meant to them or their favorite City Stages memory. These thoughts were then printed onto posters that were displayed throughout the theatre shortly after Monroe finished reading a “manifesto” that has been uploaded to our site & that will be shared on the revamped City Stages website when it is complete. The posters will be placed throughout the city and metro area – with more created as people who were not there share their memories and thoughts on the new site.

There were some other ideas that were mentioned this evening during our first attempt to live blog using Cover it Live! in addition to the festival’s new logo:



I’m sitting at the City Stages “reveal” event and I figured now’s as good a time as any to try out our new live blogging feature courtesy of Cover It Live! If you want to see it in action (and find out why there are a ton of folks over here), head on over to Timetable. The event is over, but you can see what was shared.

We’ll answer questions if we can as they answered for us…

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