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Plans for a musical interlude this weekend

Hi guys! This is Whitney making a valiant post-cold effort to bring news of good music.

Wednesday night, I checked out the Cordero/13ghosts show at Bottletree. May I say one thing? ADORABLE! I’ve never really been a fan of much Spanish-centric music, but singer/songwriter Ani Cordero and her band of indie veterans (from Calexico and Rock*A*Teens) endeared me. Check them out on their website and pick up their new album, De Donde Eres.

As for 13ghosts, they never disappoint and I’m a big fan. They’re signed to Skybucket Records, so I expect nothing less with all the stuff Travis Morgan has got going on lately. Be sure to check out the nterview I did with Brad Armstrong of 13ghosts back in August.

Here’s a few shots courtesy of George Atkinson:


So, what’s on the agenda music-wise this weekend?

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A Wrecking Ball to rumors of rock’s demise

Yes, Dead Confederate has made several appearances here in Birmingham in recent memory. Hell, they’re scheduled to be in town as part of their tour supporting their new album, Wrecking Ball, on September 24 at The Bottletree. The Magic City’s own Scott Register has had a lot of fun exposing us to them on his weekly radio program. Christina plugged their November 2007 appearance (after their apperance at City Stages 19 earlier in the year) at The Nick as a Got Plans? destination. Folks here seem to love the Georgia-based rock band, and getting a chance to listen to the new release just before today’s official release, they’re about to get a lot more people interested in them. Continue reading

Meet the Art Before ArtWalk

Photo: Checking out the art at last week’s Artwalk Preamble held at Rojo. Andrea Walker

For seven years, Birmingham has hosted ArtWalk, a juried art show that features all types of artwork on display for the public to enjoy and purchase. Each year, Artwalk organizers have held a Artwalk preamble fundraiser, to raise money for the event. However, this year organizers tried something different. Instead of just one night where donated art is showcased, it’s been broken down into four separate nights during the month of August. On each night, a different type of medium is on display. For instance, on this Thursday night at Rojo, participating artists contributed their photography.

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A Dark and Crowded ‘Knight’ in Vestavia

Hi guys! This is Whitney, with what can be best described as my futile attempt at being a movie critic. The benefit for you, the reader, is the comfort of knowing that I am a very experienced “hater” and have a pretty good track record when it comes to not wasting time. AND SO WE BEGIN!

After what seemed like years (and what was really a matter of months) of anticipation, I checked out the midnight screening of The Dark Knight.

Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight - official photo from Warner Bros.

Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight. Warner Bros.

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In Love With: Rainy Day Diversions

We’ve needed all the rain that has fallen lately, but honestly, couldn’t it pick some other time than the weekends? If storm clouds cramp your springtime style, consider it an opportunity to explore some of Birmingham’s interior attractions. Like the treasure trove that is Jim Reed Books. Or one of our fine museums—I bet there’s at least one you haven’t visited yet. And then there’s What’s On Second.

A look inside of What's on Second? acnatta/Flickr

If you haven’t yet discovered this establishment at 2306 2nd Avenue North, you’re in for a treat. It’s an antique shop, but probably not the kind you’re used to.

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In Love With: Chicken Salad

There is no entry for “Best Chicken Salad” in my trusty Menu of Menus, which leaves the title to be hotly disputed in all corners of our fair city. The arguments come down in some fairly defined quadrants: traditional celery vs. nouveau; with nuts vs. smooth; chicken chunks vs. pulled meat; dried fruit vs. those who shudder at the mention of raisins. What cannot be disputed is that every chicken salad eater in the Birmingham Metro area has their favorite recipe, and all other concoctions aren’t worth a crosswise sniff.

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r3vrb Profile: Sons of Roswell

Some days I wish I’d been born a few decades earlier. There was a time when you could turn on the radio and hear excellent music from all walks, instead of the focus-grouped crapola that gets shoveled through the airwaves these days. Now, unless you want to consume what’s being spoonfed to you, it is necessary to go out into the world and search out the good stuff yourself. Thank the lizard for the internet. Allow me to point you in the direction of Sons of Roswell, fellow searchers.

Sons of Roswell @ BottletreeThese four fellas from Muscle Shoals play the best authentic rock music I’ve heard in a long time. They’ve got power and attitude to spare. Formed in 2005 in the sweat-soaked interior of an auto-body shop, Sons of Roswell have quickly become one of the rising stars of today’s rock n’ roll scene. With a comfortably classic sound that’s also got a fresh taste to it, they’ve been storming down doors in the South East, and people are beginning to take notice. They were Coke’s “Artist of the Month” last year, though they didn’t receive any free cokes. What’s up with that Coca-Cola? The least you can do is keep your bands caffeinated! They’re currently engaged in a regional tour, and will be stopping in Birmingham a few times. I got their self-titled LP at a Bottletree show a few weeks ago, and I don’t foresee removing it from constant rotation any time soon.

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