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Got plans this weekend? 6.20-6.22

So besides giving us a great look at art in the Magic City, Charles has pretty much written my Got Plans? column on his personal blog, Pop Goes the City. And after a pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top, he’s going to let me share the info with you. It’s a good thing Charles found some stuff to do because the weekend was looking a little bleak. But what am I saying — there’s always something to do in B’ham. Sometimes, you just have to ask your friends.

And we are your friends here at The Terminal. We look out for you. Tell you the news, cool stuff, etc. So let’s get on with it already …

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In Love With: Rainy Day Diversions

We’ve needed all the rain that has fallen lately, but honestly, couldn’t it pick some other time than the weekends? If storm clouds cramp your springtime style, consider it an opportunity to explore some of Birmingham’s interior attractions. Like the treasure trove that is Jim Reed Books. Or one of our fine museums—I bet there’s at least one you haven’t visited yet. And then there’s What’s On Second.

A look inside of What's on Second? acnatta/Flickr

If you haven’t yet discovered this establishment at 2306 2nd Avenue North, you’re in for a treat. It’s an antique shop, but probably not the kind you’re used to.

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Got plans this weekend? 1.25 – 1.27

We’ve already told you about two chances to see presidential hopefuls Huckabee and Obama on Saturday and Sunday respectively. If it turns out you pick the right one to attend, you’ll be telling your grandkids you witnessed history being made. I personally don’t care who you are supporting. All I ask is that you do some research, pick the one you like and vote. No complaining allowed if you don’t vote. Your first chance is in the Alabama primary, Feb. 5.

Some suggestions after the jump…

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