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Got Plans 2.0 – 2.27-3.1

For those of you who are Terminal regulars, I like to think that you were all teary-eyed back in October when Christina wrote her last Got plans? post.  Without it how else were you going to know what to do for the weekend?

I don’t know if you were able to realize it, but what The Terminal laid out in that weekly post was the power to one up those who waste time late Friday afternoon searching the web or flipping through various weekly-published event calendars searching for something to do.  Well, after a justified hiatus, today marks the return of got plans.  With a new style and new direction I set out to be the genius behind your weekend.  As the new writer, let me do all the work.  I’ll flip through the pages and click the links, from there I’ll suggest three or four Terminal-worthy events.  If anything it’ll just be the things you shouldn’t be missing. 

On the flip side, I don’t have the swagger to claim that I’m writing a definitive weekend guide, so if I leave something out, make a comment and let the rest of us know what’s up.  Above all, when someone asks how you know about all this cool stuff, give The Terminal some credit and we’ll keep this conversation going…

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Got plans this weekend? 8.22 – 8.24

New for this week. In the comments, please tell me A. what you doing this weekend and B. what you already have on your calendar for September. Just curious … now on with the dispensing of free weekend advice.

The big deal this weekend is going to be out at Sloss Furances. It’s the fourth annual Strokin’ the Fire BBQ
and (newly named) Music Festival
. If you like BBQ, you’ve already got your tickets. This is not your average backyard grilling (though there is an amateur competition); This is professionals who take their pork very, very seriously. And yes, there will be BBQ to eat and fun stuff for the kiddos. And while there has been music in the past, apparently the music is taking more of a center stage this year, hence the new “Music Festival” name. Headliners are Todd Snider and The Whigs. Day passes are $15 so you might as well pony up another $10 and get the weekend pass. Children (5-12) are $5 a day or $8 for the weekend. Under 5, free. Don’t forget parking, that’s another $3. Competition kicks off Friday at 4 p.m. with the entertainment beginning at 5. Saturday gates open at 11 a.m. Both nights, festival over at 11. I think that’s all the details I can possible give you for this event except to mention that Sloss can be located at 20 32nd St. North. But really, didn’t you already know that?

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In Love With: Dining al Fresco

You know it’s spring here when, at the first sign of warmth, people are throwing on the T-shirts, shorts, and sandals. It seems we in Alabama can’t stand to be cooped up in our houses when the sun is shining, the trees are budding, and the breeze is just right. We’re ready to move our activities outside. And naturally, that includes eating.

Enjoying a meal outside is one of the great pleasures of this time of year, especially when the clock springs forward and allows the sun to illuminate the city in golden light in the evenings. And plenty of local restaurants are happy to oblige (though I wish more of them would do it). Continue reading

Got plans this weekend? 3.14 – 3.16

It’s another busy weekend in the Magic City thanks to St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Monday. That’s giving lots of folks the idea to start the party way early on Friday.

And by way early on Friday we mean 11:30 a.m. Head out from the office for lunch early and enjoy the 23rd annual ONB St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We won’t tell if you just don’t decide to go back. The parade will travel FROM Five Points South TO Linn Park along the Birmingham Green. (Yeah, I didn’t know we had a “Birmingham Green” either.) It’s going to be a little more sci-fi than normal since OmegaCon kicks off the same day. So it won’t just be the green beer that has you seeing Stormtroopers and Trekkies. (That’s right Trekkies because I’m not arguing with Gene Roddenberry.)

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In Love With: Skyline Sightings

I enjoy looking at a good skyline. I can’t help but feel the excitement and energy emanating from those mountains of steel, glass, and stone, beckoning me to come explore. In my estimation, Chicago and Atlanta have great skylines—and so does Birmingham. It may not have the tallest buildings, but it has distinctive ones, such as the Regions Harbert Plaza (with a peak and spheres inspired by the surrounding older architecture) and a rich collection of classic skyscrapers including the City Federal building (once the South’s tallest building) and the Alabama Power Building (crowed with Electra’s golden statue).

So where are some of the best spots to gaze upon what we’ve built in a former cornfield?

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Got plans this weekend? 3.7 – 3.9

Wow, after last weekend’s marathon of events it looks like slim pickings for this weekend. But never fear, I have found what I think are some pretty cool things to do.

Little boys and big boys (and yes, little girls and big girls too) can take to the air at the Southern Museum of Flight now through Saturday. On hand is a F-15 Eagle flight simulator complete with throttle, stick and rutter peddles. Ooohhhh. Realistic sound and detailed graphics put you right in the cockpit.


Admission is $5/$4 for children. The museum is located at 4343 73rd St. North out near the airport. Call 833-8226 to check times the ride … I mean simulator … is flying. And don’t use the word hostage in any kind of a sentence while there. Example, the boss really held us “hostage” in the board room yesterday. Wouldn’t want Big Brother to throw you into a dark, bottomless holding facility far, far away.

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In Love With: Waxing Nostalgic

NOTE: Click here to answer our related Magic City Question. Thanks.

Is it possible to have nostalgia for things that are only a few years past? I’ve only lived in Birmingham for a bit past four years now, but I’ve already seen some changes to this city. Almost all of them have been steps forward, taken by brave entrepreneurs, cool people, and those determined to make Birmingham an even more terrific place to live. A few of them however, are changes that sadden me. Even after a short time here, I can name a few places I miss every time I pass by, namely the old location of V. Richards in Forest Park, Vestavia’s Moonlight Music Café and the Highland Coffee Company.

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Got plans this weekend? 2.22 – 2.24

Hi, my name is Christina and I have a problem with books.

(Hi, Christina)

My particular problem is that I buy too many books, mainly for my son. Until I find a 12-step program, I’ll just have to keep hitting the thrift stores, used book stores and my favorite … library book sales. Give me some credit. I’ve at least figured out the cheapest ways to feed my addiction. This weekend you can find me pawing through the selection at the Emmet O’Neal Library in Mountain Brook. Last year I scored three first-edition Martha Stewart cookbooks and the campy “Let’s Make Rabbits” by Leo Lionni. The book sale is Friday and Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday from 1-4. Happy hunting.

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In Love With: Chicken Salad

There is no entry for “Best Chicken Salad” in my trusty Menu of Menus, which leaves the title to be hotly disputed in all corners of our fair city. The arguments come down in some fairly defined quadrants: traditional celery vs. nouveau; with nuts vs. smooth; chicken chunks vs. pulled meat; dried fruit vs. those who shudder at the mention of raisins. What cannot be disputed is that every chicken salad eater in the Birmingham Metro area has their favorite recipe, and all other concoctions aren’t worth a crosswise sniff.

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