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Whitney visits with 13ghosts

08.14.2008 by André Natta · → 1 Comment

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I talked with local (gone big time) band 13ghosts earlier this week and decided to share the spoils with you guys before they play the Mellow Mushroom in Tuscaloosa on Friday night.

For more info, check out their website or their MySpace profile.

Do you want to hear what their designated frontman (for this interview at least) Brad Armstrong had to say? Click on the “read more” link to find out…

ME: There’s a lot of rocking going on in this band. How many regular members are in the band and what are their roles?
BRAD: We are six.

Brad Armstrong, guitar and vocal
Buzz Russell, guitar and vocal
Sammy Boggan, bass
Jason Lucia, drums and percussion
Trey Mclemore, guitar and backing vocal
A.Vernon, sounds and loops

ME: Are you comfortable with the level of exposure your music is getting on a national level (i.e. Pitchfork, etc)?
BRAD: Sure we are.  I think it’s great.  We’ve been fortunate to be reviewed by all the publications that I respected before we were reviewed, and ignored by all the ones that I hated.  So I’m thrilled with the kind of critical attention we’re getting.  It feel genuine.
ME: How does a band starting in Birmingham go on to be represented by the same company as Maximo Park, Thurston Moore, Minus the Bear, Of Montreal, not to mention the same people who run PR for the Sasquatch Music Festival?
BRAD: How about this:  We’re in good company being a part of the New York Machine.
ME:Tell us a little about your home studio and your involvement in the recording process. Do you produce your own albums as well?
BRAD: Yeah, we do all our own records.  We have a Tascam TSR-8, which is an analog 8-track machine, and we have been recording on it since the mid-90’s.  Andrew and I started the studio about 12 years ago, and we’ve built it up since then.  We’ve done a lot of our friends’ records there, as well, and I think really that recording was the impetus to put a band together.  We’ve always made records, we just needed to be able to call them something.  Hence this band.  We try and have some new aesthetic for each record, some different thing that we’re trying out.  But, to answer your question, everything is produced, recorded, and mixed in our basement on Southside in Birmingham.
ME: Any new releases or big announcements for late 2008?
BRAD: We’re in the process of recording a much rawer record at the moment.  Shooting to finish it quick quick quick and put it out mid October.  We may not make that, but we’re trying.  I want to put out a live record, too.  We’ll probably record that early next year.
ME: Anything you’d like to say about playing Tuscaloosa Friday?
BRAD: We’ve been playing T-town since the Chukker days, and a lot of our favorite bands have come from there (see Dexateens, Model Citizen).  I think Tuscaloosa has something in it that inspires a recklessness, and an honesty, and I always love it when we can get down.
So kids, if you’re on campus at UA or are just in Tuscaloosa for the weekend, check this out. These guys are genuine about and renowned for having a very very awesome live show.
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