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Weekend Music Workout

If you want to get with the Whitney Weekend Workout, it’s fairly simple. Just go to an inhumanly possible amount of shows around town and try to stay awake. That’s all. Wait! There’s a late night BK chicken sandwich involved sometimes. And lots and lots of PBR.

This weekend? Keep reading and find out…

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Got plans this weekend? 9.5 – 9.7

Yep, I’m out of sports cliches. So without any further witty banter, I’m just going to get on with it …

Friday, if you work downtown, stay downtown. If you don’t work downtown, forget the commute home and point your car downtown. It’s time for Artwalk, probably the third biggest event for downtown following Sidewalk and Magic City Art Connection. I used to live downtown so I really enjoyed seeing all the art in the lofts and office spaces right outside my door. They kind of design Friday night for the hip crowd with lots of music and folks looking cool. THE2NDHAND people take the stage at 7:30 p.m. with some strong readings. Saturday is the day to bring the kids as there is a special area just for them behind Space One Eleven. I like people watching on Saturdays because you can easily spot the folks that hardly ever come downtown. So the hours are Friday 5-10 p.m. and Saturday noon to 6 p.m. I would like to point out that our very own Terminal contributor Charles Buchanan will be somewhere on 1st Avenue North. Be sure to say hi. And wear your Terminal Tee if you have one. Don’t have one? We can fix that. Continue reading

Meet the Art Before ArtWalk

Photo: Checking out the art at last week’s Artwalk Preamble held at Rojo. Andrea Walker

For seven years, Birmingham has hosted ArtWalk, a juried art show that features all types of artwork on display for the public to enjoy and purchase. Each year, Artwalk organizers have held a Artwalk preamble fundraiser, to raise money for the event. However, this year organizers tried something different. Instead of just one night where donated art is showcased, it’s been broken down into four separate nights during the month of August. On each night, a different type of medium is on display. For instance, on this Thursday night at Rojo, participating artists contributed their photography.

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