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The Photonicas unleash new EP on the masses

With their EP release show tonight, I knew I had to meet with the members of the Photonicas to see exactly what kind of musical surprises they were about to set free upon us.  This is alot of anticipation on my part from a band who reminds me their first show was a Battle of the Bands at the Hoover Public Library. However, in this rare case, I’m actually not afraid to say that the band has, seriously, come a long way since Jonathan Boyd and Matt Mullinax first hatched a plan to start a band in the 5th grade with Ryan Grayson. Now that they’ve enlisted Matt’s 16 year old brother David on bass, the energy is electric and the sound indeed seems fitting of an older, shoegazier, 90s-er (I said it) band. All very good things.

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Weekend Music Workout

If you want to get with the Whitney Weekend Workout, it’s fairly simple. Just go to an inhumanly possible amount of shows around town and try to stay awake. That’s all. Wait! There’s a late night BK chicken sandwich involved sometimes. And lots and lots of PBR.

This weekend? Keep reading and find out…

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Benefit v2.0

So, now the the Terminal’s benefit show went off without a hitch, local music fans can exercise that bleeding heart muscle for another cause: Cave 9‘s financial troubles.

Our good friends Vulture Whale are heading up a lineup for the venue tonight where all proceeds go to helping the DIY operation stay open. For a refresher of what’s going on at the Cave, check out the about section of their site (located on the front page).

ON DECK: The Photonicas, To Light a Fire and Vulture Whale. According to Cave 9’s MySpace profile, Kings of Metropolis and Fireflies are also playing.

DOORS OPEN: 7 p.m.

TIX: $6

Celebrate your Independents at Cave9

Still looking for something more your shine to do on your day/night off?

CAVE 9 has a full roster of indie music on tap with Backseat Virgins, Kepi: the Band (formerly Groovie Ghoulies), Copyrights and Jimjimjimjim.

Starts around 7, but feel free to drop by the corner of 23rd St. and Magnolia Ave. anytime after… Tickets are only $5.