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Urban Fabric playlist, 2.7.2009

uflogoWe shared with you in early January that Urban Fabric with Ken Webb was starting in mid-January.

Well, those of you that tried to listen have already figured out that it was delayed – until this past Saturday!

For those of you that missed the first installment, we’ve got two features for you:

An MP3 of last week’s 2nd hour for your listening pleasure…


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Who’s playing Stokin’ today?

Bob Farley photo of Stokin the Fire

Bob Farley/f8Photo

The Dexateens and Manchester Orchestra (click here to see their performance at Coachella) are both playing the Hog Wild Stage at Stokin’ the Fire tonight. So, go to Sloss Furnaces (now), stuff yourself something ridiculous full of BBQ and find a good seat to take in some of my favorite bands. Bob’s already staked it out and has the pics to prove it. We’ve even got one here from last night.

Ticket prices are like $15 for a day pass for adults and $5/child if your kids are into really good music and ribs. Man, that’s making me hungry!

Let’s hope the rain gets lost on the way into downtown today.

In Love With: Night Life

Last weekend was proof that there’s plenty to do on a weekend night in Birmingham. But music and art and bars and coffeehouses are just the beginning. A while back, I heard about two unique after-dark activities that I have put on my must-do list:

Each year, the Cahaba River Society hosts moonlight canoe trips on the river. Imagine that—the moon shining down through the trees, dancing upon the water while crickets chirp and lightning bugs add mood lighting. Ahhh. Of course, the actual experience is likely to be muddy and shared with a multitude of mosquitoes, but it’s sure to give you a new vantage point on our bio-diverse river. You don’t even have to leave the city—the launch site is just off Highway 280 near Target. For dates (two more this summer), prices, and other details, see the Cahaba River Society’s canoe outings schedule.

If you’d rather not get your feet wet, try Ruffner Mountain Nature Center’s Full Moon Wine and Cheese Hike. You’ll climb to the heights of the nature preserve’s Hawk’s View Overlook, where you can enjoy wine and cheese as you watch the sun set, the moon glow, and the skyline sparkle to life. I missed this summer’s outing, so I’m planning to sign up for the fall hike in October. For full information on this event—and several other guided hikes (in the daytime) that sound fascinating—click the “Saturdays on the Mountain” link on Ruffner’s website. Again, you don’t have to leave the city limits for this one-of-a-kind nocturnal event, since the nature center is located just off I-59 in eastern Birmingham.

Do you know of any other unusual tours, events, or sights in the night?

The pre-party post

It’s Whitney here to take it slow, take it easy on you… and shed some light, shed some light on your week. HA! It’s tooooo early for all this, but I’m at your service music fiends.

So, the day has arrived when all of us in the Ham have to start mapping out our weekend. There is so much to choose from that if I hear even one of my friends mutter “I’m so bored”, then we’re going to have a “misunderstanding”. SO MUCH MUSIC. This has actually crossed the threshold into ridiculous and to quote our good friend Andre, “It’s the type of day that folks always say they want”.

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In the belly of the Whale

picture courtesy of Vulture Whale/Skybucket Records

And here you thought the Beluga was the only whale currently on Birmingham’s (or at least Larry‘s) mind.

I’d seen Vulture Whale live before and I knew that they had a dedicated following of genuinely cool people. In fact, one of my good friends even provided vocals on one of their album tracks. That’s just it though: I knew OF them.

That all changed when I first met Jake Waitzman and Wes McDonald at the band’s rehearsal space in downtown Homewood. A former car wash with, I’d imagine, a very acoustically-sound practice area down downstairs and a studio equipped with a den upstairs. All of the members of Vulture Whale come with a story.

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It’s Wild Sweet Orange’s time

Wild Sweet Orange. Courtesy of the artist

Wild Sweet Orange. Courtesy of the band’s Flickr profile.

Wild Sweet Orange‘s new album We Have Cause to Be Uneasy is being released within a matter of days, and The Terminal was lucky enough to receive an advance copy. The strange thing is, I think I’ve already heard this before; let me explain.

The first track is an updated version of their much-touted single Ten Dead Dogs. But as I moved on to the newer tracks, my mind started to race.

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Another reason to Rojo on a Sunday

WES MCDONALD/SPARROW/JON VOGEL @ Rojo starting at 6 tonight.

I’m out of town again, but we here at the Terminal could not let ourselves off the hook if we missed an opportunity to plug a good friend, Wes McDonald (Vulture Whale, The Ohms), playing a solo acoustic set tonight. Check it out. Great food, awesome beer and 3 awesome acts setting the mood in the side room.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

A chance to dance next weekend

We’ll plug this one more time before next week, but since this version of the ad won’t fit in the sidebar, we figured this was the best way to share info about the upcoming Johnny Disco show with courtesy of  DJ Urban Fabric and DJ Ken Webb at The High Note next Saturday: Check it out after the jump or just visit the site and check it out on the sidebar.

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Celebrate your Independents at Cave9

Still looking for something more your shine to do on your day/night off?

CAVE 9 has a full roster of indie music on tap with Backseat Virgins, Kepi: the Band (formerly Groovie Ghoulies), Copyrights and Jimjimjimjim.

Starts around 7, but feel free to drop by the corner of 23rd St. and Magnolia Ave. anytime after… Tickets are only $5.


Quasi-Friday music roundup

Hello, hello.

I was inspired by people stalking the beach outside of my window with flashlights to come up with a midweek playlist that would make a long car trip almost worth it and could double as an awesome backdrop to all of Alabama’s “Fourth festivities”. Hey, if you want to the Thunder on the Mountain to chronicle your fireworks soundtrack, that’s all you.

For the rest of us:

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