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In the belly of the Whale

picture courtesy of Vulture Whale/Skybucket Records

And here you thought the Beluga was the only whale currently on Birmingham’s (or at least Larry‘s) mind.

I’d seen Vulture Whale live before and I knew that they had a dedicated following of genuinely cool people. In fact, one of my good friends even provided vocals on one of their album tracks. That’s just it though: I knew OF them.

That all changed when I first met Jake Waitzman and Wes McDonald at the band’s rehearsal space in downtown Homewood. A former car wash with, I’d imagine, a very acoustically-sound practice area down downstairs and a studio equipped with a den upstairs. All of the members of Vulture Whale come with a story.

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al.com revamps their local entertainment section

Screenshot of new al.com entertainment section

Screenshot of http://www.al.com/entertainment/birmingham/

The folks at al.com decided to revamp their entertainment section. It was officially launched yesterday and combines the resources of The Birmingham News and the al.com community blogs. Click on the image above to take it for a test drive and let us know what you think about it; in general and in relation to the rest of the area’s web presence RE: arts and culture as shared in last week’s newsletter.