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We’re high-ranked and we know it

Interior of The Bottletree July 2012Just in case you missed it yesterday, a link courtesy of Gourmet Magazine from late June highlighted our fair city as one of the 10 Next Big Scenes. Writer Colleen Clark (who incidentally maintains her own blog, Nana Banana, since June 2010) shines a light on  The Bottletree (pictured to your left last week as they reopened for weekday lunch servicehere’s the new menu), Café Dupont, Demetri’s BBQHighlands Bar and GrillHot and Hot Fish Club, Sloss Furnaces, and WorkPlay when talking about the Birmingham, AL’s future as a food and music destination (though it’s something folks in town already knew).

This designation by the Condé Nast owned publication is only the latest accolade heaped onto the city by the company. Readers of Condé Nast Traveler recently named  The Spa at Ross Bridge their choice for third best hotel spa on the U.S. mainland as part of the annual readers survey. Not too shabby at all; there are some though who’d like to take John Currie’s tweet from late last night and figure out how to make that possible…

Where do you want to drink tonight?

Birmingham Happy Hour logo.It may not necessarily be a common question for you, but you have to admit that it comes up occasionally, especially as higher temperatures begin to settle into Jones Valley for spring and summer.

After a little less than one year of existence, Birmingham Happy Hour continues to hope it can help make figuring out where to go out for drinks in metro Birmingham after work  just a little bit easier.

The site looks at available food and drink specials as well as provide reviews of popular and as of yet undiscovered spots about town. They’ve also made it easy to keep track of what they’re sharing (and for others to share information with them). via Facebook and Twitter.

Now maybe you’ve got one more tool to help make answering that question of where to meet up after work easier. revamps their local entertainment section

Screenshot of new entertainment section

Screenshot of

The folks at decided to revamp their entertainment section. It was officially launched yesterday and combines the resources of The Birmingham News and the community blogs. Click on the image above to take it for a test drive and let us know what you think about it; in general and in relation to the rest of the area’s web presence RE: arts and culture as shared in last week’s newsletter.

Now you can karaoke online

This is Karaoke screenshot

Screenshot from This is Karaoke

You’ll be able to make some new friends too. Just in case you don’t feel like getting in front of strangers at the bar to sing your favorite song, you know have the option of attempting to perform for just your computer (or maybe some of those new friends).

This is Karaoke is an online karaoke website/community that lets you upload songs and meet others that are compelled to belt one out. Could take the idea of house parties to a whole new level…