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In the belly of the Whale

picture courtesy of Vulture Whale/Skybucket Records

And here you thought the Beluga was the only whale currently on Birmingham’s (or at least Larry‘s) mind.

I’d seen Vulture Whale live before and I knew that they had a dedicated following of genuinely cool people. In fact, one of my good friends even provided vocals on one of their album tracks. That’s just it though: I knew OF them.

That all changed when I first met Jake Waitzman and Wes McDonald at the band’s rehearsal space in downtown Homewood. A former car wash with, I’d imagine, a very acoustically-sound practice area down downstairs and a studio equipped with a den upstairs. All of the members of Vulture Whale come with a story.

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Another reason to Rojo on a Sunday

WES MCDONALD/SPARROW/JON VOGEL @ Rojo starting at 6 tonight.

I’m out of town again, but we here at the Terminal could not let ourselves off the hook if we missed an opportunity to plug a good friend, Wes McDonald (Vulture Whale, The Ohms), playing a solo acoustic set tonight. Check it out. Great food, awesome beer and 3 awesome acts setting the mood in the side room.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!