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Meet the Art Before ArtWalk

Photo: Checking out the art at last week’s Artwalk Preamble held at Rojo. Andrea Walker

For seven years, Birmingham has hosted ArtWalk, a juried art show that features all types of artwork on display for the public to enjoy and purchase. Each year, Artwalk organizers have held a Artwalk preamble fundraiser, to raise money for the event. However, this year organizers tried something different. Instead of just one night where donated art is showcased, it’s been broken down into four separate nights during the month of August. On each night, a different type of medium is on display. For instance, on this Thursday night at Rojo, participating artists contributed their photography.

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Another reason to Rojo on a Sunday

WES MCDONALD/SPARROW/JON VOGEL @ Rojo starting at 6 tonight.

I’m out of town again, but we here at the Terminal could not let ourselves off the hook if we missed an opportunity to plug a good friend, Wes McDonald (Vulture Whale, The Ohms), playing a solo acoustic set tonight. Check it out. Great food, awesome beer and 3 awesome acts setting the mood in the side room.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Where do we begin?

Here at the IN headquarters, we are wrapping up our nominations for IN spots. It has been so much fun to read all of your responses. More than 3,000 nominations have come in, and we still are picking more up from the IN boxes from around town.

Personally, I have really enjoyed hearing the positive feedback people have about the city. Everyone knows we have challenges, but I love knowing that we also have so many favorite IN spots to choose from.

Without further ado, I’ll begin leaking the chosen IN spots. Drumrollllll…..

And this week’s IN spot is….

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In Love With: Dining al Fresco

You know it’s spring here when, at the first sign of warmth, people are throwing on the T-shirts, shorts, and sandals. It seems we in Alabama can’t stand to be cooped up in our houses when the sun is shining, the trees are budding, and the breeze is just right. We’re ready to move our activities outside. And naturally, that includes eating.

Enjoying a meal outside is one of the great pleasures of this time of year, especially when the clock springs forward and allows the sun to illuminate the city in golden light in the evenings. And plenty of local restaurants are happy to oblige (though I wish more of them would do it). Continue reading

In Love With: Chicken Salad

There is no entry for “Best Chicken Salad” in my trusty Menu of Menus, which leaves the title to be hotly disputed in all corners of our fair city. The arguments come down in some fairly defined quadrants: traditional celery vs. nouveau; with nuts vs. smooth; chicken chunks vs. pulled meat; dried fruit vs. those who shudder at the mention of raisins. What cannot be disputed is that every chicken salad eater in the Birmingham Metro area has their favorite recipe, and all other concoctions aren’t worth a crosswise sniff.

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r3vrb destinations 2.14 – 2.16

I didn’t get out to see many shows last weekend, what with watching my father run until his legs almost fell off. I did catch The Fiery Furnaces, who were everything I had hoped they would be. How was your weekend? I can’t hear you, you’re on the other side of the screen from me.

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