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Maki Fresh brings new choices to Mountain Brook

Maki Fresh on Hwy 280

My stomach started rumbling as I passed by my old standby eatery, Newk’s on Highway 280 on my way home at about 1:30p.m. So, I turned in and headed toward a parking space,  but as I got out of my car I saw a “Now Open” sign in a catchy lime green color a few shops down.

I had heard about John Cassimus’ (of Zoë’s fame) new concept through the grapevine, and being a fan of that restaurant I decided to give it a try.

Maki Fresh interior

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In Love With: Dining al Fresco

You know it’s spring here when, at the first sign of warmth, people are throwing on the T-shirts, shorts, and sandals. It seems we in Alabama can’t stand to be cooped up in our houses when the sun is shining, the trees are budding, and the breeze is just right. We’re ready to move our activities outside. And naturally, that includes eating.

Enjoying a meal outside is one of the great pleasures of this time of year, especially when the clock springs forward and allows the sun to illuminate the city in golden light in the evenings. And plenty of local restaurants are happy to oblige (though I wish more of them would do it). Continue reading