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The pre-party post

07.25.2008 by André Natta · → Leave a comment

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It’s Whitney here to take it slow, take it easy on you… and shed some light, shed some light on your week. HA! It’s tooooo early for all this, but I’m at your service music fiends.

So, the day has arrived when all of us in the Ham have to start mapping out our weekend. There is so much to choose from that if I hear even one of my friends mutter “I’m so bored”, then we’re going to have a “misunderstanding”. SO MUCH MUSIC. This has actually crossed the threshold into ridiculous and to quote our good friend Andre, “It’s the type of day that folks always say they want”.

So, most importantly, our benefit show tomorrow at Bottletree. With 4 bands (Sam’s new band Bright Henry just signed on!) and comedy by my co-star (see: Sidewalk films about Jesus and drunk teenagers) and local comedy mastermind Chris Davis, I don’t see how you can’t show up. I’ve posted about two of the acts and by the end of today, you’ll be up to speed on local hip-hop phenoms The Green Seed as well. Now, with four bands, the possibility of this thing becoming a sweet after-party equipped with an awesome bar and some insane music is HIGH. It could run into the wee hours, so making an appearance at another show (say, the ones at WorkPlay or Cave9) and then rolling up at Bottletree is still a valid option at say 10 or 11pm.

Hope everyone is as psyched about the benefit as we are. It’ll be exciting to have an excuse to party with all of you guys and raise some money to keep us the fully-functioning hub.

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