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r3vrb destinations 2.21 – 2.23

Things are looking up in the world of music this week. I’m super psyched about Thursday’s pick, and as I’ve previously indicated in this column, I’m always down for a Sons of Roswell gig. So strap on your space goggles and get ready for your weekend to begin here in Birmingham. Starting…NOW!

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r3vrb Profile: Sons of Roswell

Some days I wish I’d been born a few decades earlier. There was a time when you could turn on the radio and hear excellent music from all walks, instead of the focus-grouped crapola that gets shoveled through the airwaves these days. Now, unless you want to consume what’s being spoonfed to you, it is necessary to go out into the world and search out the good stuff yourself. Thank the lizard for the internet. Allow me to point you in the direction of Sons of Roswell, fellow searchers.

Sons of Roswell @ BottletreeThese four fellas from Muscle Shoals play the best authentic rock music I’ve heard in a long time. They’ve got power and attitude to spare. Formed in 2005 in the sweat-soaked interior of an auto-body shop, Sons of Roswell have quickly become one of the rising stars of today’s rock n’ roll scene. With a comfortably classic sound that’s also got a fresh taste to it, they’ve been storming down doors in the South East, and people are beginning to take notice. They were Coke’s “Artist of the Month” last year, though they didn’t receive any free cokes. What’s up with that Coca-Cola? The least you can do is keep your bands caffeinated! They’re currently engaged in a regional tour, and will be stopping in Birmingham a few times. I got their self-titled LP at a Bottletree show a few weeks ago, and I don’t foresee removing it from constant rotation any time soon.

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