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r3vrb destinations 2.21 – 2.23

02.21.2008 by sam · → Leave a comment

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Things are looking up in the world of music this week. I’m super psyched about Thursday’s pick, and as I’ve previously indicated in this column, I’m always down for a Sons of Roswell gig. So strap on your space goggles and get ready for your weekend to begin here in Birmingham. Starting…NOW!

Thursday 2/21    
Greg Summerlin @ Workplay
Admission: 10$   Go Time: 8:00 p.m.
Greg Summerlin   Greg Summerlin plays the kind of melodramatic pop that can turn your whole day around. He’s a local, and signed to Birmingham based Superphonic Records. His tunes would be cute if they didn’t rock as hard as they do. They’re also sprinkled with moments of sad beauty and triumphant hooks. This is far and away the best thing going tonight, so no excuses!
Friday 2/22    
Heath Green and the Starmakers @ The Nick
Admission: $6   Go Time: 10 p.m.
Heath Green   It’s more than likely that you’ve seen Heath Green and the Starmakers around town in the past. They play most weeks and at many different venues. Heath Green sounds a bit like Tom Waits, but with horns, and twenty less years of whiskey and cigarettes. Mostly, he just sounds good.

Saturday 2/23    
Sons of Roswell @ The Nick
Admission: $6   Zero Hour: 10 p.m.
Kevin Keenum   I know none of you went to the Sons of Roswell show the last time they were in town, because I went and I was the only one there. Blame it on the bad weather if you want, but if you don’t go this time you are officially out of the cool kids club. Nah, I’m just kidding! Do what you want, but don’t come cryin’ when you realize what you missed.
Honorable Mention:   Sweet Dog Experience / The Grenadines @ Bottletree

On a personal note, some of you noticed that posts have temporarily ceased on the r3vrb site. This is due mainly to an over-abundance of house guests, but also to a bit of grumpy exhaustion. You will be happy to know that they will resume shortly. That’s all!. Now go out and get it on, people! Sleep is for the dead.

This post was written by Sam George and brought to you by r3vrb.com and flagellum.

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