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On a musical note…

A few things for those in town for Birmingham’s many festivities this weekend:

Saturday night flyer

Two of Birmingham’s best local bands will be playing an unofficial “after” after-party at Bottletree just as Sidewalk is letting out and the WordCamp crew is looking for some trouble to get into on Saturday night. Do yourself a favor and check out both of these bands’ respective pages (here and here) before the show.
Here’s a handy map of how to get to Bottletree courtesy of their site.


Also, for those who helped me usher in the arrival of Birmingham’s newest radio station Live 100.5 FM, here’s an aside: I HEARD INTERPOL ON THE DRIVE INTO WORK TODAY! Kudos to Davi Rossi and the fine programming he put in order today!

 Through the Sparks flyer art by Shawn Avery.

r3vrb destinations 2.21 – 2.23

Things are looking up in the world of music this week. I’m super psyched about Thursday’s pick, and as I’ve previously indicated in this column, I’m always down for a Sons of Roswell gig. So strap on your space goggles and get ready for your weekend to begin here in Birmingham. Starting…NOW!

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