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On a musical note…

A few things for those in town for Birmingham’s many festivities this weekend:

Saturday night flyer

Two of Birmingham’s best local bands will be playing an unofficial “after” after-party at Bottletree just as Sidewalk is letting out and the WordCamp crew is looking for some trouble to get into on Saturday night. Do yourself a favor and check out both of these bands’ respective pages (here and here) before the show.
Here’s a handy map of how to get to Bottletree courtesy of their site.


Also, for those who helped me usher in the arrival of Birmingham’s newest radio station Live 100.5 FM, here’s an aside: I HEARD INTERPOL ON THE DRIVE INTO WORK TODAY! Kudos to Davi Rossi and the fine programming he put in order today!

 Through the Sparks flyer art by Shawn Avery.

A sit down with Chance Shirley

Chance Shirley/Crewless.com After knowing local filmmaker (and Crewless Productions co-founder) Chance Shirley for a little over a year now and hanging out with him in a maze of Kevin Bacon-like degrees of separation, I finally decided to give you guys an update on the legend that is his upcoming film: Interplanetary.

Oh, you’re gonna want to read this. There’s talk of blogging, editing trailers and, my personal favorite, Birmingham film parties involved. Thanks again to Chance and Crewless Productions!

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A few changes to Sidewalk’s Scramble

The word came down this afternoon – there are some changes in store for the upcoming Sidewalk Scramble.

Sidewalk XToday the festival’s parent organization, the Alabama Moving Image Association, announced it’s plans for Scramble X, the first ever 10-day edition of the popular event.

Yeah, it’s just a little longer than the normal “caffeine-fueled 48 hour period, but that’s still not a lot of time. They’re promising a winner take all pot of $500 and a DVD of your creation included with your team’s entry fee.

It starts on July 11 with the films screened at WorkPlay on July 30. More details to come, but to get a better understanding of what this is all about, you may want to check out the competition’s info page on Sidewalk’s website (including a list of the winners of the Winter 2008 Scramble).