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Come out to The Bottletree tonight!

bldglogoNo, I have not been screaming from the top of the City Federal building asking you to come out to The Bottletree tonight for our fairly mellow celebration of this site’s two years of existence (though that does give me an idea for next year).

Hopefully the weather won’t be too bad this evening and the basketball games on the screens should keep your attention if the announcement I’ll be making doesn’t…

See, now don’t you just want to come because of that last sentence alone? The radio silence can be blamed partially on tonight’s announcement as well, but not entirely. The fun’s starting around 5 p.m., there will be some white Terminal Ts given away to some of the lucky attendees (we’ll have a few for sale as well).

If you can come out, great; if not, pass this evite link along to a friend.

An “off-line” home for The Terminal

shift101_0628Our sole Newsstand post on Friday alluded (and eluded) to some news about the site being made yesterday morning. Well, that news is intertwined with this bit:

A short time ago, a lease was to have been signed for 2308 2nd Avenue North. This was the first step in opening a coworking space in Birmingham, AL. The Terminal is set to be an anchor tenant in the space, to be called Shift Coworking, once it opens later this spring. The space will be managed by Shift 101, a consulting firm with folks based here in the city.

It is hoping to be open as early as mid-April. The Terminal’s talked about some of the coworking groups that have formed in Birmingham in recent months and this appears to be the next logical step in the local movement. We’re looking foward to the opportunities that a physical office provides, including the chance to start our long planned speakers series (among other things). That’s why we’ve asked the question that we did today over on Magic City Question.

In short, it allows us to one thing that will undoubtedly be necessary as social media moves forward – provide a physical home for where the conversations can take place off-line. I explain over on My Birmingham.

Photo: Bob Farley/f8Photo

Thank you, Birmingham!

We’ve been rather quiet today, perhaps being a little too retrospective for our own good. But I want to do three things right now…

1) Thank all of you who’ve read us for the past two years (I’ll drop a note to consider supporting us some other ways too).

2) Thank those who’ve written for us in the past as well as our current contributors: Bob Farley, Josh Self, Jason Donaldson, Gordon Bell and when available, Terri (Dann) Osborne.

3) Announce that while our anniversary is tomorrow, our anniversary happy hour will be on Thursday, March 26 at The Bottletree. We’ll have more info on Monday. We’ll have a couple of other announcements then as well.

4) Make sure you head on over to Timetable this afternoon and check out Jason’s picks (and add your own to them).

Welcome to a faster Hub

If you’re reading this post, I’m happy to report that our site transfer is a success! For those that didn’t get a chance to check out the last post on the old host, we spent the better part of the weekend attempting to get the site to run faster on a new server. This is the result… so far…

We’ll keep you updated with additional minor changes that will be taking place in the next couple of weeks that will speed up the site (among other things).

Enjoy the ride!

P.S. If you want to help us with this transfer, you can always forward and share this post with others…

UPDATE: About those orange signs…

UPDATE: The photo submission form has been turned on… and the contest has been extended until Thursday, March 12 @ 5 p.m.

Many of you who stopped by our booth at TechMixer last night were asked to take home orange signs – and we wouldn’t tell you why…

Well, now we are.

We want you to show us what Birmingham means to you! The one that we think is the best gets a $50 gas card! I thought you’d like that…

The rules after the jump.

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The Hub’s in DC

The Capitol gets ready for Tuesday 

Photo: The Capitol prepares for the Inauguration of Barack Obama. acnatta/Flickr

Well, I’ve actually been in the Nation’s Capitol since Friday evening – and I’m going to be here through early Wednesday morning. The city’s been buzzing since I drove in during the evening rush and the energy is just continuing to rise as millions of visitors funnel into Washington for Tuesday.

I’ll post photos as I can and I’ll see what other stories I can find while I’m here . The Terminal will see what it can do about covering issues closer to home for the next few days as well. If you happen to be in DC, I’ll be at SOVA Coffeehouse on H Street NE for a Flickr meetup Tuesday afternoon if you want to compare notes. If you’re in town, leave a comment and I’ll try to track you down too. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

A sleeping website awakes

I think that The Terminal will take some advice from one of our readers who hinted that he didn’t want to see another year in review story or predictions about Birmingham, AL for 2009…

Those who’ve survived this year behind the scenes here will leave that job of interpreting up to you over on Magic City Question, starting today.

What I will do is take a few moments to explain the site’s recent silence over on My Birmingham (but only after giving a quick shout out to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights for their victory in the Papa Bowl!).