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Tonight’s the Holiday Get Together

I’ve been working on some stuff behind the scenes and away from Birmingham’s hub today, leading to a lapse in posting – and keeping us from reminding folks earlier – but we’re hoping that some of you may be interested in showing up at Speakeasy this evening (1920 3rd Avenue North) for our 2nd annual Holiday Get Together. It just also happens to be Repeal Day (you know you’re interested).

We’ll have a few t-shirts for folks and if you feel like it, you can show up with a non-perishable food or monetary donation for The Community Kitchens of Birmingham (please have checks written out to the organization). We’re not charging a cover or really knowing what to expect; we only wanted a chance to see folks before the end of the year so we hope you’re planning to at least pop in for a second.

If you cannot attend this evening, please consider visiting their website or forwarding their URL to a friend and clicking on the Donate now button.

As always, enjoy the ride and the holidays!

Feed the hub!

As we begin to finally move forward with some changes to the site in the coming days, I wanted to make sure that The Terminal was doing everything that it could represent as many of Birmingham’s voices as possible. So I wanted to make you aware of something that we announced via our newsletter on Friday evening – a chance for you to help us feed Birmingham’s hub.

Now that I’ve got your attention, jump with me and I’ll explain just what that means…

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Thanks for showing your love for Birmingham’s hub

Most times you don’t get too excited when you place second in anything but …

This morning the results are out for this year’s Birmingham’s Best readers poll. We’re proud to say that we finished second in the best website category. We want to say thank you to everyone that took the time to vote for us last week!  Considering that we’re only 1½ years old and the competition we were facing was pretty stiff, we’re excited and humbled by the support that you showed us.

There’s still a lot more that we want to do this year. We hope that you’ll continue to support us and consider joining this motley crew of bloggers, photographers and casual onlookers as we do our best to serve you.

Thanks again!

About this new calendar…

Some of you were curious enough to click on the link in yesterday’s EcoFest post and check out our latest incarnation of The Terminal’s calendar, destinations. We’re still working a few things out (actually, a lot of things out) over the next few weeks, but we thought the best way to get it started would be to invite you to send in your events to us using our new submission form. It will be easier for all of us, particularly for our beloved associate editor, whose duties included typing all of those things in.

It’s simple – put in as much information as you think we’ll need (realizing that we’re only going to post up to about 200 words anyway), submit your name, email and website URL, click submit and you’re finished.

We have a few other surprises in store for you, especially once the magic calendar does what it’s supposed to be doing (hopefully by the end of the week). You’ll understand when you see it.

Vote The Terminal one of Birmingham’s Best!

We wanted to thank those of you who nominated The Terminal for best website in this year’s Birmingham’s Best poll. We are now one of five sites in the running – and we hope that you can help us enjoy a good showing this year. Just head on over to and cast your vote for your choice for best website and at least 9 other categories before midnight October 12. The form is only available online this year and we’d appreciate your help in getting the word out to anyone and everyone you know.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of The Terminal – we’re happy to be included with the other sites.

FYI – We’ll have a few new things to show off to you on Monday morning, including a return (although in beta) of our calendar – complete with a few new twists. We’ll let you discover just what some of the other new features are on your own.

It’s time for the hub to expand

We haven’t done a call for contributors to the site in some time, however with fall beginning to show it’s face and several other events going on (as well as a need for the voices on this site to become more diverse to truly represent the city as we just posted #1,500 to the main page today), this site would benefit from some new blood. It many also wake up the echoes so to speak…

We’re going to be finally making some updates to our submissions guidelines tomorrow morning if you want to look them over but… we’re looking for a few specific spots to be filled over the coming weeks – one or two people to contribute to Timetable (we’re looking for folks who want to cover music and film) and someone to help manage our calendar (meaning you could potentially know everything going on in town – making you a popular person indeed). Besides that, if you love Birmingham and want to spread the word, jump on board.

If enough people contact me tonight via Twitter or email I’ll show up over at Urban Standard tomorrow morning for a short session at about 11 a.m. Otherwise, we’ll be at Speakeasy for our monthly meetup on Thursday evening. Let us know…

We remember

I do not normally redirect readers from here over to Dre’s Ramblings (my personal blog – currently being rebuilt as a self-hosted version) but I feel that on this 7th anniversary of 9/11 there is nothing that I can write currently that expresses how I feel better than this piece I wrote 2 years ago.

Staten Island 9/11 Memorial - acnatta/Flickr

Staten Island 9/11 Memorial. acnatta/Flickr.

Just remember to take a moment…