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11.24.2008 by André Natta · → Leave a comment

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As we begin to finally move forward with some changes to the site in the coming days, I wanted to make sure that The Terminal was doing everything that it could represent as many of Birmingham’s voices as possible. So I wanted to make you aware of something that we announced via our newsletter on Friday evening – a chance for you to help us feed Birmingham’s hub.

Now that I’ve got your attention, jump with me and I’ll explain just what that means…

It means that we want your help in telling Birmingham’s daily story to everyone, without your necessarily making the commitment to joining our band of contributors (though if you think you’re interested, let us know). We need help sharing information about what’s going on throughout metro Birmingham. We are currently accepting news or info related posts only, though we will be expanding this to include photos and videos as well.

This site exists to give a voice to all in The Magic City whether in telling or discussing the story, and there is no better way to improve what we do than by inviting you to share. The Rumble still exists and it will see it’s upgrades complete in the coming days, meaning that if you really don’t want to give us your real name or email when giving us a story to follow up, you won’t have to (plus, no more spam!).

We’ll make it easier to find this new submission form in the coming weeks as well – for now though we’re just going to see how it does in the coming days.

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