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Some of you were curious enough to click on the link in yesterday’s EcoFest post and check out our latest incarnation of The Terminal’s calendar, destinations. We’re still working a few things out (actually, a lot of things out) over the next few weeks, but we thought the best way to get it started would be to invite you to send in your events to us using our new submission form. It will be easier for all of us, particularly for our beloved associate editor, whose duties included typing all of those things in.

It’s simple – put in as much information as you think we’ll need (realizing that we’re only going to post up to about 200 words anyway), submit your name, email and website URL, click submit and you’re finished.

We have a few other surprises in store for you, especially once the magic calendar does what it’s supposed to be doing (hopefully by the end of the week). You’ll understand when you see it.

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