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got plans 2.0 | 4.17 – 4.19

Palahniuk wrote that, “…the only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.” That’s not necessarily true. If you set out on this weekend’s got plans adventure your going to be so giddy come Monday your going to be telling strangers on the street about your weekend because… well, because it’s just going to be that good.

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More new restaurants open on 280

Bogue's RestaurantAs far as we can tell, Birmingham’s restaurant industry has chosen not to participate in the current recession. Two weeks ago we told you about the new Tilted Kilt pub opening in the old Copeland’s building; now I’ve noticed a few more restaurants opening including the opening of a new Bogue’s Restaurant along Hwy 280, joining locations on Clairmont Avenue and Oxmoor Road.

Bogue’s is one of Birmingham’s oldest restaurants and is known for its great meat and veggie-style comfort food. The new location on Hwy. 280 next to Chipotle Grill in Inverness. Continue reading

got plans 2.0 | 4.10-4.12

Easter Egg. Svadilfari/FlickrI guess you could call this the Easter edition of got plans; that is if the Terminal did holiday editions of weekly posts, which I don’t think it does. To be honest I almost didn’t write one for this weekend with it being Easter and all.

A part of me figured that the most important thing our beleaguered post-modern generation could do this weekend would be finding our way to a church. Realizing that I wasn’t overburdened with guilt from my transgressions (but rather tormented by the hopes and expectations of the future), I came to my senses and felt that those who read my post might be carrying the same cross. Thus, I decided that like me others need the distraction that comes from a pre-packaged Terminal-approved Birmingham weekend.

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Tilted Kilt opening soon on Highway 280

New Tilted Kilt on Hwy 280In spite of the economic downturn, Birmingham continues to see new businesses and restaurants popping up in the Highway 280 area of town.

Construction has started on the newest Tilted Kilt  to soon open here in Birmingham. The new restaurant will occupy the old Copeland’s of New Orleans space on Highway 280. It’s been closed since early last year when the franchise downsized and left the Alabama market.

Originally started at Harrah’s in Las Vegas in 2003, the Tilted Kilt has recently evolved into one of the fastest growing pub/eatery style franchises in the country. It features fast and fun bar-style food (wings, burgers, fish and chips) and of course a wide selection of beers in the style of Buffalo Wild Wings or Locos.

Photo: Josh Self/Flickr

got plans 2.0 | 4.3 – 4.5

The Alys Stephens Center’s Starlight Gala is this weekend, but who can afford to go to that.  I know I can’t and if I were to venture a guess I’d say that you couldn’t either.  So what are the recently economically disillusioned masses to do while the urban haute bourgeoisie of Birmingham sip cocktails on the campus of UAB.  It’s simple really, just read the rest of this post and realize that you aren’t living in a one-show town.

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got plans 2.0 – 3/27-3/29

You can look at this edition of got plans two ways.  It’s short because I had way too much fun at last night’s Terminally anniversary party at Bottletree (BTW, it was a great turnout and it’s too bad that you missed it) and because the single event suggestion that follows is an important one and I’d really like you to go to it…

There is going to be a benefit concert for local jazz musician Cleveland Eaton at the Open Door Cafe tomorrow starting at 2 p.m.  A $20 donation goes to a fund to help Cleve with medical expenses related to oral cancer therapy.  This is a small price to pay to help a local legend.  You’ll be compensated for your donation with a barbeque chicken dinner and performances by a host of musicians including Cleve later that evening.

If you’ve never been to the Open Door and heard Cleve, Tommy, and John play for Jazzta night, this will be a perfect introduction to the cafe and Birmingham jazz.

Leave a comment letting me know if you decide to go, and as always if you’ve got other plans let the rest of us know what your doing this weekend.

got plans 2.0 | 3.20-3.22

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re riding high here at The Terminal about our future workspace. I’d like to hear you guys mirror that excitement by getting pumped about what’s going on in town this weekend. Check out these noteworthy events and don’t be shy about letting the rest of us know what you plan on doing.

If you haven’t heard about Opera Birmingham’s presentation of Verdi’s La Traviata you’ve officially been living in a hole. This highly publicized performance, starring Alabama native Susanna Phillips, in her very first Violetta, and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra” happens tonight and Sunday. This evening the performance begins at 7:30 and Sunday’s matinee begins at 2:30. The tickets range from $15-78 depending on your preference, but I’m sure it will sound beautiful from any seat in the Alabama Theater.

Saturday evening the Alys Stephens Center will be presenting the amazing Spanish Harlem Orchestra. This show starts at 8 but if you’re up for some salsa dancing you can enjoy a free lesson before the show. Students shouldn’t miss this one, because it’s definitely a deal at $20, as for the rest of you don’t let the sorry economy keep you from enjoying an awesome show. Non-student prices range from $25-45.

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Sidewalk Scramble Screening this week

A grungy plumber dressed in a jumpsuit casually walks into the Upside-down Plaza bar in 5 Points South, downtown Birmingham.  He gives a nod to a customer sitting at the bar as he passes by. A few minutes later the customer follows the plumber into the back bathroom. A tool box opens and guns are distributed. They both know what to do. An epic orchestral soundtrack starts. (Think “Batman: The Dark Knight”). Every aspect of the plan has been thought out as they bust open the office door where the winnings of the illegal gambling front are kept…

The director yells “CUT!” as the camera dollies out on the homemade track system made of PVC pipe and plywood.  Actors double as grips, lighting techs and cinematographers. Grip trucks consist of a fleet of old Honda Civics and Ford Rangers that also double as fast moving dollies and get road shots. Props and wardrobe are found by digging through the bins at the local thrift stores. Catering and craft services are provided by dollar stores and Big Lots usually consisting of a 5-pound bag of almost expired pretzels and Werther’s candy in some very bendy paper bowls and questionable Mexican fruit drinks.

This is short film in Birmingham.

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got plans 2.0 (3/13-3/15)

As the writer of the new got plans 2.0 column I’ve graciously been given the liberty to write what I wish when it comes to the awesome events happening each weekend here in Birmingham. I’m a good man for the job because I’m no freshman to what the city has to offer, but in this third week I’m finding it hard to pick and choose the Terminal-worthy events that you readers may be looking for.

So I’ve been thinking and have decided that I’m going to put got plans in your hands this weekend. Got plans 2.0 is three weeks old today; way too young to be setting a standard and definitely not to old to keep it from becoming what you want it to be. Our philosophy at The Terminal is to maintain a conversation between the contributors and our community. I want that with got plans; that’s why I ask you to comment if you know of something else going on or if I totally missed the mark in terms of my picks. Ultimately, my plans are your plans and they should be good plans ’cause you guys deserve them.

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Crawfish Boil uses Facebook for t-shirt contest

The Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil is turning to the power of Facebook to help them select their t-shirt design for this year’s event. For those of you not on Facebook yet, or not following the event’s page on the social networking site, here’s the 411:

Beginning today (and through April 10), people are encouraged to submit one submission (not already submitted to another contest) with the words “2009 Schaeffer Eye Center Crawfish Boil” somewhere in the design, to the event’s page on Facebook using its “add photos” function. the design must be in a vector format, meaning you’ll want to download this software. Apparently all of the designs will be eligible to be printed as “regular” t-shirts, but the winning design will be the one that receives the most **VOTE** comments.

 The winning designer will receive a pair of VIP passes ($300 value); a gift certificate to the Merrell Store at The Summit & 6-month supply of vitaminwater sync.

If you’re interested, and on Facebook, head on over!