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More new restaurants open on 280

Bogue's RestaurantAs far as we can tell, Birmingham’s restaurant industry has chosen not to participate in the current recession. Two weeks ago we told you about the new Tilted Kilt pub opening in the old Copeland’s building; now I’ve noticed a few more restaurants opening including the opening of a new Bogue’s Restaurant along Hwy 280, joining locations on Clairmont Avenue and Oxmoor Road.

Bogue’s is one of Birmingham’s oldest restaurants and is known for its great meat and veggie-style comfort food. The new location on Hwy. 280 next to Chipotle Grill in Inverness. Continue reading

In Love With: Unabashed Femininity

I go a little stir-crazy this time of year, when the holidays have been filed as blurry memories and spring seems like a distant dream. I’m tired of layering bulky sweaters until I look like the StayPuft Marshmallow man, sick of static electricity, and done with the dry skin and splitting hands. The only recourse I’ve discovered is to dose myself well with unabashed femininity and wait it out.The first step is visiting Three Sheets in Homewood. This bastion of domesticity is crammed with lovely bedroom and bathroom things to touch, smell and try out. More often as not, I end up treating myself to a bath oil or fizzy bathbomb, since the beddings are too far out of my price range to do anything but caress. In the early stages of winter-ick, just a short visit, and maybe a Deep Steep lotion, is enough to pry me out of it.

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