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In Love With: Unabashed Femininity

01.10.2008 by André Natta · → 2 Comments

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I go a little stir-crazy this time of year, when the holidays have been filed as blurry memories and spring seems like a distant dream. I’m tired of layering bulky sweaters until I look like the StayPuft Marshmallow man, sick of static electricity, and done with the dry skin and splitting hands. The only recourse I’ve discovered is to dose myself well with unabashed femininity and wait it out.The first step is visiting Three Sheets in Homewood. This bastion of domesticity is crammed with lovely bedroom and bathroom things to touch, smell and try out. More often as not, I end up treating myself to a bath oil or fizzy bathbomb, since the beddings are too far out of my price range to do anything but caress. In the early stages of winter-ick, just a short visit, and maybe a Deep Steep lotion, is enough to pry me out of it.

If deep conditioning is needed, I’m in love with Luxe’s new space in Forest Park. Now that owner Star Mishael has taken over the old Zan’s space on 39th Street, the jewelry shop is a perfect mix of trendy and approachable. Their old space upstairs tended towards the overwhelming, with every surface so covered it looked like my Grandma’s armoire threw up. The new space, however is full of lovely necklaces, rings, and sparkly doodads laid out in a way that makes it easy to graze through the selection and find something pretty to wear.

For the biggest blast of femininity though, I’ve just been introduced to Miss Rosemarie’s Tea Room off 119 in Inverness. My fiance’s mother treated me to a Ladies Who Lunch afternoon there recently. The food (curried butternut squash soup, quiche, finger sandwiches) was excellent and the special tea blends were some of the best I’ve tried. You can’t help feeling frilly and Victorian in the space, thanks to the floral china displayed everywhere and the requisite ruffled curtains over each window.

So if you find yourself in the same winter-hating boat and need a little bit of fluff to pry you out, try the three step program above. If it doesn’t get you singing “I Feel Pretty” in a a day, you’re either dead….or male.

Three Sheets, 2904 18th Street, Homewood, 205.871.2337; Luxe, 825 39th Street South, just off Clairmont Avenue in Forest Park, 205.592.0180; Miss Rosemarie’s Tea Room, 5299 Valleydale Road, Suite 121, 205.980.8335

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