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got plans 2.0 | 4.3 – 4.5

The Alys Stephens Center’s Starlight Gala is this weekend, but who can afford to go to that.  I know I can’t and if I were to venture a guess I’d say that you couldn’t either.  So what are the recently economically disillusioned masses to do while the urban haute bourgeoisie of Birmingham sip cocktails on the campus of UAB.  It’s simple really, just read the rest of this post and realize that you aren’t living in a one-show town.

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a (mandatory) dance party

Let’s all be serious here. We love to dance, just not out on the street or, for that matter, anywhere in the general public. Maybe it’s just my gangly white femaleness, but still. ALAS! I think I met someone this week that will change my, err your, mind concerning all things “cuttin’ a rug” related.

Rebecca Davis started ROCK PAPER ROCK, a local booking agency that is responsible for a healthy percentage of Birmingham’s recent lucky streak when it comes to getting good bands (i.e. nationally known) to play our great city. She’s also a local girl who moved away, only to return with more love and affection for our great city. So, who better an ambassador to the indie music scene than her to introduce one of the best ideas I’ve heard about it a while?


[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/A09PbCXYQsc" width="400" height="329" wmode="transparent" /]

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