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You Hear This? A new music website for Birmingham

You Hear This? screenshotThose who’ve visited this site since its earliest days may remember Sam George, one of our earliest contributors. He was already enjoying a pretty good following over on r3verb when he started writing on The Hub.

He then partnered with Whitney Sides Mitchell on bham.fm (the site URL is now used by a company in Birmingham, UK that books bands in the region) before eventually becoming a contributor and then editor in chief of Birmingham Weekly for a little over a year. He helped to co-found and launch a new music festival last spring, Secret Stages (BTW – this year’s edition is going on Friday and Saturday, May 11 & 12). Yeah, we thought you’d remember. He’s been staying busy getting ready for this year’s edition of the music festival – and a few contributions to Weld – and we kept wondering why we hadn’t heard much from him recently.

Well, it appears as though he’s gotten the itch to return to maintaining a site – a new music site for Birmingham called You Hear This? We could try to explain it, but it makes more sense to hop on over and check it out on your own…

Tilted Kilt opening soon on Highway 280

New Tilted Kilt on Hwy 280In spite of the economic downturn, Birmingham continues to see new businesses and restaurants popping up in the Highway 280 area of town.

Construction has started on the newest Tilted Kilt  to soon open here in Birmingham. The new restaurant will occupy the old Copeland’s of New Orleans space on Highway 280. It’s been closed since early last year when the franchise downsized and left the Alabama market.

Originally started at Harrah’s in Las Vegas in 2003, the Tilted Kilt has recently evolved into one of the fastest growing pub/eatery style franchises in the country. It features fast and fun bar-style food (wings, burgers, fish and chips) and of course a wide selection of beers in the style of Buffalo Wild Wings or Locos.

Photo: Josh Self/Flickr

Urban Fabric hits the airwaves

I was talking with our friend Ken Webb of Urban Fabric last night and he’s got a lot going on right now! Starting this weekend, Urban Fabric with Ken Webb will be on the air on Live 100.5 FM Saturday Nights from 10:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. Some of you may remember Ken’s old show The Underground X-Press hosted with DJ Beethoven (he was DJ Beethoven) that aired on WRAX (The X) in 1996 & 1997.

Ken shared with us that “this time around the format will be a broader range of sounds all based on dance music from around the world. Indie, House, Electro, Dubstep, Fidget etc.”

If you’re wondering what he’s been doing since, this should tell you; his remix of the Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (Urban Fabric’s Don’t Hold Back Remix) was among the top 5 most popular last week on Hype Machine.