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Holiday films for your consideration

One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting together with the family and watching some hilarious holiday films.

It all starts at Thanksgiving…

The air is chilly, we play a game of touch football in the front yard and after we’re sweaty and shivering, mom tells us to “come in from the cold or we’ll catch pneumonia!”. Then she makes us some hot chocolate and we sit down in the living room and try to find something to watch on TV. Its usually a parade or a football game but, I always have the John Hughes classic, Planes, Trains and Automobiles staring John Candy and Steve Martin handy in the car on that Thanksgiving day. When everyone gets tired of the parades, I pop it in and we all laugh our asses off as Del Griffith and Neal Page go on an epic adventure to try to get back home safely to their families for Thanksgiving.

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Got plans this weekend? 10.24 – 10.26

Sure today is all dreary and rainy, but Saturday and Sunday look nice with crisp fall temperatures to put a rosy glow in your cheeks. So bundle up, don’t forget the kids, and head outside.

First up on Saturday, the 6th annual Art in Avondale Park festival. Art activities for the kids, jazz on the stage, arts and craft vendors. The festival kicks off with a children’s parade at 10, wraps up at 4. New this year is the music. Since this is down the street from me, we’ll definitely be there. Free admission.

Next, there are harvest celebrations at both botanical gardens Saturday — Aldridge and Birmingham. I’ll take them in alphabetical order. Aldridge promises “folk artists, food vendors, pumpkin painting, face painting, John Scalici’s drum circle, magician Michael Baker and pop/rock group Vasa.” Kids should wear their costumes for the contest and parade. Free admission, hours 9 to 1. Moving on, the BBG is hosting their first Great Pumpkin festival from 10 to 2, also free admission. Here’s what they offer: “cotton candy, scavenger hunt, and a showing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Jones Valley Farm will display a giant pumpkin with a celebrity pumpkin carver! Specialty children’s menu provided by Kathy G, costume contest with prizes. Artists and various vendors will be there displaying their work.” Both guaranteed to give my boy a good naptime.

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IN Spots to beat the heat

IMG_9861 - Brian9000/FlickrIt’s hot outside. Again. With a forecast for hot and muggy all weekend. Sorry I’m venting! Can you tell I’m ready for fall? Fall… football, crisp nights where you can grill out, football… OK, I’ll stop. We’ve got to get through August first.

So let’s just go ahead an embrace this heat wave. Today’s list of IN spots are some places to go beat the heat.

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Got plans this weekend? 7.18 – 7.20

ABCs - Bethany L. King/Flickr

ABCs – Bethany L King/Flickr

Since I live with someone just learning the English language, I do a lot of ABCs and counting. So here is my 3-2-1 countdown for this weekend.

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Got Plans this weekend? 7.4 – 7.6

We don’t take holidays here at The Terminal. Well, okay we do but first I’ll fill you in on this weekend’s highlights.

There’s really just one highlight for me and it will be lighting up the sky Friday night. Thunder on the Mountain is a rather cheesy name for a fireworks show but I’m all about cheese and it’s a great display. I have my own secret spot for viewing and I’m not sharing. But I will tell you that UAB is offering a nice spot and music too. The UAB Summer Band will play a free concert at 8 p.m., filled with patriotic tunes, on the lawn of Bartow Arena, 617 13th St. South. Bring your lawn chairs, the little ones, blankets and picnic baskets. The fireworks start at 9 p.m. If you don’t want to get caught in traffic, stay home and watch the live broadcast on Fox 6. And don’t forget to tune your radio to The New 94.5 FM and Rock 99.5 FM for music to go with the purty lights.

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In Love With: Being Cool

Water Jet. Clearly Ambliguous/FlickrWelcome to summer in Alabama. That means a heaping helping of heat, topped with a thick slab of humidity. If you’re lucky, you’ll feel a breeze. If you’re really lucky, that breeze will not be oven temperature.

When your air conditioner won’t crank up any higher—and when the neighbors finally turn off the sprinkler you’ve been running through—it’s time to find some cool escapes in the city. Follow the jump to check out a few favorites:

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