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IN Spots to beat the heat

07.24.2008 by André Natta · → 2 Comments

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IMG_9861 - Brian9000/FlickrIt’s hot outside. Again. With a forecast for hot and muggy all weekend. Sorry I’m venting! Can you tell I’m ready for fall? Fall… football, crisp nights where you can grill out, football… OK, I’ll stop. We’ve got to get through August first.

So let’s just go ahead an embrace this heat wave. Today’s list of IN spots are some places to go beat the heat.

McWane Center – Catch an IMAX at the McWane Center or just enjoy the AC! This IN spot was one of our top nominated attractions.

Because McWane Science Center is the coolest spot in town, for kids AND adults!” – Cary S.

Alabama Theatre – We are really lucky to have a place like the Alabama. I think a lot of us take it for granted. The gorgeous architecture plus all of the different events – you can go one weekend and watch Indiana Jones (playing Saturday night!) and then catch a concert another weekend. (word has it The Black Crowes will be there in the fall)

It is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Birmingham.  I love to attend dance recitals and the children’s theater there.  I plan to see the movies offered there on weekends very soon also.” – Tammy R.

Cocina Superior – Ok, so a restaurant isn’t exactly what you think for ‘beating the heat’ but their frozen pomegranate margarita is a refreshing way to cool down. It even made our Top 10 IN drinks list! But that is a post for another day…

Great food at a great price – the outdoor seating is wonderful on a nice day.”  – Carla H.

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I'm ready for football, too. NOW!


"...word has it The Black Crowes will be there in the fall" They are playing the Alabama Theatre on November 15th.