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Sidewalk takes over The Bottletree Tuesday night

Tomorrow night those that head out to The Bottletree will not only get a chance to help out Birmingham’s annual film festival – Sidewalk – but they’ll get to enjoy a pre-release screening of an incredible independent film before it’s released nationwide beginning July 9th.

Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer‘s documentary Winnebago Man is about Jack Rebney,  a.k.a. “the angriest man in the world.” Apparently he’s become famous due to some “hilariously foul-mouthed outtakes from an RV sales video.”

It’s even more impressive when you realize that his notoriety happened long before the days of YouTube, though it’s definitely helped the clips become even more recognizable.

The film chronicles Steinbauer’s journey to find and meet Rebney, who (according to the email reminder) “turns out to be more savvy, deep, weird, and cool than anyone could have imagined.”

Tickets will be $5 for members of Sidewalk and $8 for non-members. Bottletree’s offering $1 PBR drafts all night too so you’ve really got no good excuse not to go, do you?

Camera Obscura show canceled

Cinema Obscura - courtesy of MySpace profileTonight’s (June 18) Camera Obscura show at The Bottletree has been canceled due to a family tragedy within the band. They’ve also had to cancel a performance in Atlanta for Friday evening.

The local music venue shared the unexpected news early this morning via their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Their Facebook announcement included the fact that they are hoping to reschedule for a later date and refunds for tonight’s show are available from TicketBiscuit.

The band’s announcement via MySpace was posted late yesterday evening:

“Hi, we’re very sorry about this but I’m afraid we’ve had to cancel the shows in Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia which were to take place in the next few days due to some upsetting personal circumstances. Sincere apologies to those that are disappointed by this. We’ll give you further information when we have it.
Camera Obscura.”

Heartless Bastards climb The Mountain

The Heartless Bastards have indeed been climbing towards the mountaintop recently. Their new album, The Mountain, debuted last week.

heartless-bastardsThe Cincinnati, OH-based garage rock band made their debut on Letterman earlier this week (Tuesday actually) and now they’re getting ready to take the stage at The Bottletree this evening in a show that includes performances by Nashville’s The Deep Vibration. Tickets are $10 and it starts at 8 p.m. I’d say that they’re staying pretty busy indeed.

If you missed their performance of Out at Sea, check it out; If you’ve been wondering about if you wanted to go… take a listen to the title track:


Enter to win tickets to The Duke Spirit next Friday!

So while we’d like to be giving away tickets to this weekend’s 2nd anniversary show at The Bottletree, we can’t. But we can give away five (5) pairs of tickets to next weekend’s The Duke Spirit show at The Bottletree instead!

For those not familiar with the UK-based band, they’ve opened for REM and are currently on tour with the Eagles of Metal Death – but they’ll be headling on the 28th (Black Friday) with Eulogies and The Black Fortys opening for them at the popular music venue.

Special thanks to the folks at Shangri La Music for helping us out with this giveway. For a chance to win, use our trusty contest entry form below and then wait until Monday at 3 p.m., when we’ll pick the winners.

BTW, in case you are not able to win one of the pairs here, we’re not the only ones with free tickets to the show

Good luck!

Photo: courtesy of Shangri La Music

Peppermags talks to Merrilee

Merrilee Challiss of The Bottletree that is. The “blog about design” did a sit down with the owner of the popular music venue to talk about her other passion – her artwork.

Image: Lungs by Merrilee Challiss

THE2NDHAND takes over The Bottletree TONIGHT!

The folks from the Chicago/Birmingham/NYC literary broadsheet THE2NDHAND are taking over The Bottletree tonight starting at 7:30 p.m. for a reading. L.A. punk magazine Razorcake co-founder Sean Carswell, Atlanta’s Blake Butler (editor of literary zine Lamination Colony), Birmingham poet (and University of Montevallo English professor) Jim Murphy, and THE2NDHAND’s Todd Dills will help you unwind from a crazy day while enjoying the release of Carswell’s new novel, Train Wreck Girl.

If you click on THE2NDHAND’s link above, you’ll get a taste of what to expect tonight, podcast style.

The Farmer and his seeds

the green seed performingThe Green Seed are a Birmingham hip-hop group who have been performing for years. So why haven’t you been out to one of their shows yet? One of their MCs has a pretty logical explanation: “This is an untapped market, but mostly, we’ve come to realize that we are essentially best enjoyed on people’s iPods”. Kind of sad, when you think about it… but honestly, you haven’t thought about it, or you would’ve checked them out already!

The group is fronted by Randall Turner, a.k.a. R-Tist, Complet and their masterful DJ, FX. They provided, what was by far the most fun I’ve had at a dinner in a long long time. I met them at Surin West one week night after we’d all got off of work to talk local music and their take on rap/hip-hop in the Magic City. I quickly realized that these guys are different — very different. R-Tist is based out of Pell City and has a degree in agricultural engineering. DJ FX works for Southern Company, and Complet is a suburban dad based out of Hoover via Illinois. They’re big Star Wars geeks and throw the word fanboy around like a common adjective. They even debated working out an entire mixtape devoted to John Williams’ compositions. Yes, I’m serious.

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The Warlocks play the Magic City!

Warlocks band photo by Rob Johannes

FYI: From now on, I’ll be channeling the days of LiveJournal yore by including a “Song of the Moment” or “sotm” tag at the end of my posts here on Timetable; just an injection of new music into your workday.


From the first moment I heard their band name leave the lips of my idol (Interpol frontman Paul Banks), I knew I was in love. After listening to them for what seems like the better part of my college life, the Warlocks are playing BIRMINGHAM! Wow, I can almost hear all two of us freaking out over here on the North Side at the mere idea. For those of you unfamiliar with them, The Warlocks are proclaimed as “relentless, hypnotic wall of sound that suggested a collision between classic psychedelia, Krautrock and Velvet Underground style rock and roll.” That doesn’t seem a fair enough description given the depth that a band with two drummers and four guitarists has. Although confusingly listed on The Bottletree’s site under Black Angels’ billing description, they are WORTH EVERY PENNY. This is a rare opportunity for Birmingham.

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mewithoutYou play Birmingham tonight

If you’re bored in the Ham on this fine Tuesday night, one of my favorite bands circa high school is playing Bottletree tonight around 8pm: mewithoutYou. Adjectives such as “post-punk” and sounds of distortion come to mind when I think of this band, so I encourage all fans of spoken melodic stuff, the Tooth&Nail/SolidState labels and atmospheric guitar not to miss this. In a strange stroke of irony, I’m old enough to see the show but I’m out of town (Sorry kids, it’s 18+).

Here’s some streaming audio of their new album and more.

Josh Ritter’s near death experience

Yes, Josh Ritter was in town last night and he performed. No, we actually thought that he was kidding (at least a little)…

But according to Josh’s post today on his Huffington Post blog, it sounds like it was just that (though it sounds like he definitely enjoyed his time at The Bottletree last night – great pics too). And he did live to write about it…

We also figured we’d use this space to announce that there will be a concert benefiting The Terminal on Saturday, July 26 @ said Bottletree. More information will be following soon…