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The Farmer and his seeds

the green seed performingThe Green Seed are a Birmingham hip-hop group who have been performing for years. So why haven’t you been out to one of their shows yet? One of their MCs has a pretty logical explanation: “This is an untapped market, but mostly, we’ve come to realize that we are essentially best enjoyed on people’s iPods”. Kind of sad, when you think about it… but honestly, you haven’t thought about it, or you would’ve checked them out already!

The group is fronted by Randall Turner, a.k.a. R-Tist, Complet and their masterful DJ, FX. They provided, what was by far the most fun I’ve had at a dinner in a long long time. I met them at Surin West one week night after we’d all got off of work to talk local music and their take on rap/hip-hop in the Magic City. I quickly realized that these guys are different — very different. R-Tist is based out of Pell City and has a degree in agricultural engineering. DJ FX works for Southern Company, and Complet is a suburban dad based out of Hoover via Illinois. They’re big Star Wars geeks and throw the word fanboy around like a common adjective. They even debated working out an entire mixtape devoted to John Williams’ compositions. Yes, I’m serious.

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Whitney’s Weekend Music Fodder

Since it’s Friday, it’s as good excuse as any to write about “music news” in a very general sense.

Really though, it’s going to be a lot of me typing “OMG! Guess what _______ just ____ on _________?!”.

Hang in there, it might pay off by adding to your anti-boredom arsenal.

First talking/blogging/reading/paying attention point: RELEASES (or at least the talk surrounding them).  Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and U2 have all been working on new material in the form of LPs. October, January, and “later this year” respectively is when we can expect to sample the goods.  In U2’s case however, a reissue of their 3 first full-length albums are in order as well, to be released on July 22. Anyone else reminiscing about the Birmingham U2 tour stop for Zooropa? Okay, yes I was 9 and that was more like my parents leaving me at home while they got to see it… but still! Joshua Tree carpool music for life! Also, I heard Franz got picked up for the Madden ’09 soundtrack. That’d be a nice accent to the hours of video-game related obsession I’ll have to endure from my boyfriend; a soundtrack to my boredom, if you will.

In “everyone feel sad for me” news, Ratatat is touring for their new release, LP3, and guess what Birmingham, Alabama city they’re not playing in? I KNOW, RIGHT?! Check out their music here. Also, Pitchfork posted the MP3/video for their single “Mirando“. Fans of Cut Copy, Of Montreal, MGMT and LCD Soundsystem will enjoy it.

Finally, Stars has posted a video on Myspace from their album “In Our Bedroom After the War” featuring their single “Bitches in Tokyo“. There is so much hipster vernacular before the performance even begins in this video that I do believe Birmingham just gained some scene points. Or ten thousand. They’re Canadian and are full of Lou Reed/New York Dolls references, so that’s even better. I loved this album. Though it’s not in high rotation right now, I was OBSESSED for a good month or two and this video is just another reason to draw more people into my affinity for the band Stars.

Hopefully this enhanced 1 or 2 iPods/hard drives in the metro area long enough to make it through another scalding hot end to the workweek.  So, I’m going to play Rock Band and you’re going to check out the Timetable for what your social calendar looks like this weekend. I know, I know… you’re welcome!