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The Farmer and his seeds

the green seed performingThe Green Seed are a Birmingham hip-hop group who have been performing for years. So why haven’t you been out to one of their shows yet? One of their MCs has a pretty logical explanation: “This is an untapped market, but mostly, we’ve come to realize that we are essentially best enjoyed on people’s iPods”. Kind of sad, when you think about it… but honestly, you haven’t thought about it, or you would’ve checked them out already!

The group is fronted by Randall Turner, a.k.a. R-Tist, Complet and their masterful DJ, FX. They provided, what was by far the most fun I’ve had at a dinner in a long long time. I met them at Surin West one week night after we’d all got off of work to talk local music and their take on rap/hip-hop in the Magic City. I quickly realized that these guys are different — very different. R-Tist is based out of Pell City and has a degree in agricultural engineering. DJ FX works for Southern Company, and Complet is a suburban dad based out of Hoover via Illinois. They’re big Star Wars geeks and throw the word fanboy around like a common adjective. They even debated working out an entire mixtape devoted to John Williams’ compositions. Yes, I’m serious.

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They’re Sorry Saints, but not for long

Grey Watson is an unassuming, young guy with a secret weapon: a very entertaining voice with a surprisingly comfortable southern sensibility. After listening to the three tracks posted on the Sorry Saints’ MySpace page, I met him at Speakeasy one night after a solo set. He performed to support the Birmingham Folk Festival, coming up next weekend (August 2).

First thing’s first: his band, Sorry Saints, are going through a “restructuring” of sorts. With their drummer heading to law school, a shake up is in order in the very near future for Grey, the Matts (both G & M ) and Ben. So, The Terminal Concert on the 26th will be the last chance to see this particular lineup. In fact, soon, the name might even change. They’re a fairly new band whose last show could possibly be only their second. Not for lack of talent or listenability, that’s for sure.

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