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Birminghamlet? Yes. Other cities doing it? Check.

birminghamletcoverIt was only a matter of time. When Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia partially name-checked Birmingham during an interview with Salon in late 2012, it got a little buzz. The full acknowledgement of being Portland-like in an interview with Splitsider in early 2013 caused a wild sensation locally online.

Now, local Ian Cunningham has shown us what the opening to a similar show based in Birmingham would look like. Behold, Birminghamlet:

For reference, here’s the Portlandia opening:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qzsEzRPgO4?w=625]

Now, it’s not the only alternate version of the opening getting attention in recent weeks. Besides the one created for Asheville, NC included in yesterday’s AL.com post, there’s this one from Homewood, IL (just outside of Chicago):

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfRrOXFnGkk?w=625]

This could take off like Tebowing – or Spanning. It’s got to be only expanding the reach of the creator of the show’s intro theme, Washed Out.


Sidewalk takes over The Bottletree Tuesday night

Tomorrow night those that head out to The Bottletree will not only get a chance to help out Birmingham’s annual film festival – Sidewalk – but they’ll get to enjoy a pre-release screening of an incredible independent film before it’s released nationwide beginning July 9th.

Filmmaker Ben Steinbauer‘s documentary Winnebago Man is about Jack Rebney,  a.k.a. “the angriest man in the world.” Apparently he’s become famous due to some “hilariously foul-mouthed outtakes from an RV sales video.”

It’s even more impressive when you realize that his notoriety happened long before the days of YouTube, though it’s definitely helped the clips become even more recognizable.

The film chronicles Steinbauer’s journey to find and meet Rebney, who (according to the email reminder) “turns out to be more savvy, deep, weird, and cool than anyone could have imagined.”

Tickets will be $5 for members of Sidewalk and $8 for non-members. Bottletree’s offering $1 PBR drafts all night too so you’ve really got no good excuse not to go, do you?

Heartless Bastards climb The Mountain

The Heartless Bastards have indeed been climbing towards the mountaintop recently. Their new album, The Mountain, debuted last week.

heartless-bastardsThe Cincinnati, OH-based garage rock band made their debut on Letterman earlier this week (Tuesday actually) and now they’re getting ready to take the stage at The Bottletree this evening in a show that includes performances by Nashville’s The Deep Vibration. Tickets are $10 and it starts at 8 p.m. I’d say that they’re staying pretty busy indeed.

If you missed their performance of Out at Sea, check it out; If you’ve been wondering about if you wanted to go… take a listen to the title track:


Salvador films music video along Morris Ave. downtown

Salvador video crew

André Natta/Flickr

Wind chills in the upper teens did not stop Austin, TX-based Latin-funk band Salvador from taking to the streets of Birmingham, Alabama to film their new music video this morning. The crews were still setting up late this morning as members of the Christian funk band began to tape segments near Zen, housed in the former location of The Station while looking just a little cold. There was no word as to how long the band would be filming today along Morris Avenue.