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Why we’re quiet today

Honestly, we’re not really sure…

I could say that we’re just resting up for tomorrow night’s visit to the Magic City Brewfest (which we kind of are) but… no. I could tell you it’s a break from posting as we prepare to unveil a revamped website on Monday (true also, but not a great reason).

I do want to point out one non-Birmingham thing going on tonight (that would be a great reason for us to be out of town and quiet if gas wasn’t about to hit $4/gallon).

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Before we begin today…

FYI – we’ve been playing with the furniture, moving it around and seeing what will work and what won’t. The result is a few days of quiet, sporadic posting while The Terminal is under “renovations” (though we’re excited by the number of folks that have entered our City Stages contest – if you didn’t know we were having one, check out the details). They’ve been quite simple so far, but if you haven’t been to the front page, just click on over and check out the far sidebar.

We’ll be continuing to make changes to the site during the next few days, including relaunching our City Stages section on Monday morning.

We’re taking our time and hope that you don’t mind having to put up with us being quiet. Now, where were we…

So, are we going away?

About a month ago, I announced that we were seriously considering shutting the site down effective May 30. (Surprise to everyone who didn’t see it…) Well, we’ve made a decision: while we are still a long way from achieving our financial goals, we’re not going away – at least not yet.

We wanted to make sure that you knew that before you figured out that we weren’t going to be making posts to the site through early Tuesday morning. When we wake up from the long weekend (at around 10 a.m. CDT), we’ll be letting you know about how you can win passes to City Stages 20!

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Win City Stages passes tomorrow at Happy Hour!

Come out and be Terminally Happy on May 21!This is your friendly neighborhood reminder that tomorrow evening is our monthly Terminally Happy Hour at The Bottletree! We sat around trying to figure out how to get a few more folks to come on out and join the conversation (especially since there is a Sex and the City preview party tomorrow evening as well courtesy of My Scoop).

So we figured “Why not give away two (2) pairs of weekend passes to City Stages 20?”, and that’s what we’re going to do!

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Terminal Ts are available on the site

Some of you may have stumbled across our clothing options on (and we don’t plan on taking that down yet) but we realized that we wanted to offer our shirt for a little less. So if you haven’t been on the site we know you haven’t seen this new ad in the far right column yet:

Terminal T ad

We are currently offering Black Terminal Ts through the site on our new The Store page with prices starting at $14.

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A strange two-part request

I’m not exactly sure if this will work, especially since there are so many folks that will probably not see this in time, but it doesn’t hurt to ask…

We did the math last night and figured that there’s got to be at least 50 It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham (Black Terminal) t-shirts currently floating around The Magic City. We also figure that most of you will be at least considering showing up at the Magic City Art Connection during this weekend (rain or shine). So, we were wondering if it would be possible to get most of you to wear your shirts this weekend when you head out there – I’ll wear mine on Saturday.  We just figured it would be a pretty cool way to let folks know who’s reading the site (and maybe even get some more folks involved).

There’s a second part to this request – to ask all of you that currently have shirts to send in a picture to us of you wearing it. We’ll share it with everybody else in a new gallery that we’re setting up as soon as we get the first images in. Send your photos to or if you’re a Flickr member, add them to our Flickr group.

Thanks a lot and enjoy the weekend!

A letter from André

I want to first of all thank you for your support during the last year while we’ve attempted to provide you a different source of information here in Birmingham.

We recently presented at BarCampBirmingham explaining why we created the site. Click here to view a portion of that presentation.

Last week we reiterated our intentions to launch a voluntary subscription model for The Terminal as a way to sustain it while introducing new advertising rates that, while a little lower than what many would expect, would allow us to expand our ability to maintain and manage this site. It would enable us to pay contributors for longer pieces and cover other expenses associated with running the site.

I wanted to let you know that we have determined that unless we are able to begin to generate revenue before June 30, we will have no choice but to shut the site down. We would stop posting new original content as of May 30.

If you want to help keep it going, you can participate in our voluntary subscription program, purchase one of our Black Terminal t-shirts or encourage local merchants to consider contacting us about advertising on the site. We have held off on publishing our new rates but would be happy to share if contacted.

Again, we appreciate those of you that have received support from in all the ways you’ve provided it in the past year and we’ll keep you updated as things progress.

Enjoy the ride!

André Natta
Publisher/Managing Editor