Why we’re quiet today

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Honestly, we’re not really sure…

I could say that we’re just resting up for tomorrow night’s visit to the Magic City Brewfest (which we kind of are) but… no. I could tell you it’s a break from posting as we prepare to unveil a revamped website on Monday (true also, but not a great reason).

I do want to point out one non-Birmingham thing going on tonight (that would be a great reason for us to be out of town and quiet if gas wasn’t about to hit $4/gallon).

Gapers Block screenshot

One of the sites that we here at The Terminal admire greatly is Gapers Block in Chicago, IL. They’ve been very helpful and supportive as we get our conversation going here in town. Well, GB is celebrating its 5th anniversary tonight in the Windy City and in this week’s podcast, site founders Andrew Huff and Naz Hamid reflect on their site and where’s it is today. Check it out and see where we’d like to be in a few years ourselves.

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